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10 Lies about Money You Should Avoid


Lies are deadly.  What the devil those is to make us believe that money is evil or the main source of all evil.

Money is sweet and it’s essential for a healthy and happy lifestyle. Without money they are things you can’t do or buy, so money is good.

10 Lies about Money You Should Avoid

What is your thought about money?

Ibe Tochukwu

One of the tools the devil uses to disrupt our goals, ambition, business ideas, and accomplishments is financial difficulties. The devil has a way of attacking our finances so we must wage war at all times against the devil. He is the one telling the lies about money.

Most of the youths of these days live frustrated and unfulfilled because they lack the truth about money. Until you know the truth about money I don’t think you will have the right perspective about financial freedom and how to attain it?

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10 Lies we believe About Money You Should Stop Believing

  1. Making Money is not a priority or Important: I have a question for you, Wouldn’t you like making money?

I hear most Christians say making money is not a priority, “who those that”. Most Christian families are poor today because they believe the lies the devil is telling them about financial prosperity.

Your financial freedom does count

Ibe Tochukwu

We need money to meet our daily needs. Without it you can’t be educated, trade, bargain, and exchange our way through life. We need it for medical care and life-preservation.

2. The Root of Evil: Misunderstanding of this word “root of all evil” has made most Christians believe that money is evil.

Let’s take a deep study into the word of God “For the LOVE of money is the root of all evil…” (1 Timothy 6:10).  The love of money is evil not money.  It is God that giveth thee the power to create wealth.

Money is a soft blessing from God. It is when you love it that it becomes evil.

3. Money is not Hurtful: The truth is that money will affect you.  Why? Money is the most expensive and valued piece of paper. Youths at a younger age leave their families and loved ones in search of this expensive piece of paper.

Many have killed and betrayed their nations, friends, and families because of money. The Nigerian government is the way it is today because of our greedy politicians.

Money can hurt you.

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4. When you have the money you are happy:  Money will not cure all your problems and it doesn’t guarantee your happiness. You are solely in charge of your own happiness.

If your finance is your source of happiness you will be content with your last salary. Happiness is when you have a purpose in life. A purposeful life is the source of happiness, not possession.

If possession is the source of happiness the rich will be the happiest people on earth but definitely they are not. Most of them are suffering from broken marriages and homes.

5. The lie of some are destined for wealth and some are destined to be poor: Your life is what you make it; you are poor because you are not following the principles of wealth. You have to work and pray to be wealthy.

Hard work means prosperity; only a fool idles away his time…work hard and become a leader; be lazy and never succeed.

6. God doesn’t want us to enjoy financial freedom:  This is the biggest lie ever told. God knows we will need all these things. If you are in Christ all financial freedom is made available but you have to follow-through with the principle of hard work to activate financial freedom. When you make God your source you are financially secured.

It is a tool for evangelization and it is a threat to Satan. We need it to preach the gospel.

(Deuteronomy 8: 18).  “I will give thee riches and wealth…” so it is in God’s plan to give us riches and wealth.

7. Your financial crisis has no solution: When there’s a problem, believe me, there’s a solution.  You will find a solution for your financial crisis when you apply God’s principle for prosperity.

Your finance has three factors controlling it:

Spending: cutaway an expensive lifestyle.

Sharing: pay your tithes, offering and also invest in a charity foundation

Saving: Before you spend; save 95%. (Proverbs 6:6)

 8. Regular Tithes and giving does not count: it is a very wrong perspective. When you are inconsistent in your giving and tithing your harvest becomes void. Consistency is key.

Make it a habit to give to your home church either weekly or monthly. Establish that success pattern. We all know the saying that says, “God loves a cheerful giver”

9. Money is not to be preached or discussed in the Church: This is absurd. The church we are talking about is built and established with money.  It has to be discussed in the church for us to know the values and principles of money.

It is in the church we activate our gateway to financial freedom.  Our best investment is made in the church. Information breeds confidence.

1o. It is wrong to be expectant when you give: When you cultivate you are expecting to harvest more than you planted isnt it?; it also applies to giving and tithing. You give what you have to get what you don’t have. Life itself is based on an exchange just like forex trade.

Lastly, if you must prosper please break the cage of debt. It drains your productivity. Determine to be debt-free.

To activate the keys, to prosperity follow-through with the principles of faithful tithing and offering.  Study and benchmark the methods of successful Christian entrepreneurs who have already achieved financial freedom.


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