12 Types Of Wives: Motherhood Meaning


Types of wives will be listed in this article and you will know the category you fall into as a wife.

12 Types Of Wives: Motherhood Meaning
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In this article, you find signs of a disrespectful wife and bad wife signs.

Before you can become the wife God wants you to be, you must be the kind of woman that can make a marriage work, you need to develop your wifehood, motherhood meaning and become the woman that can make things happen at home.

Be a wife, not a knife, your husband’s body not his burden, the heartbeat of the home, the sunshine of the family, not the one that causes a heart attack.

That’s the true meaning of motherhood or wifehood.

Symbolism of motherhood

There are so many types of wives and signs of a bad wife and a good wife.

Let’s look at the types of wives that are common today.

Questions like this “am I a bad wife?” will be answered if you finish reading this article.


12 Types of Wives and Their Descriptions

  1. Possessive Wives: They are wives that see their husband as their only, no member of his family should move closer, she believes it is “me and my husband”.

These types of wives are so hostile to their mother-in-law; they are abusive and make life difficult with anybody that wants to share their husbands with them.

They are suspicious anytime they see their husband with any lady.

  1. Olympic Wives: These types of wives do not see marriage as a teamwork, they are in constant war with their husbands, they are members of “Woman liberation force” who believes, wives should not be submissive to their husbands, and they fight for the leadership of the family.

Contest every decision of their husbands, the new generation of these types of wives believes that house chores should be shared between them and their husbands.

They see their husbands as rivals instead of partners, competitors instead of companions.


  1. Iron lady Wives: These types of wives with big jobs, strong purse, and fat bank account. Most of the time they are richer than their husband, because of this, they made themselves the “the breadwinner” of the family.

These kinds of women are proud, stubborn and arrogant; they want anybody that cares to listen to know that they bought and paid for everything in the house.

These types of wives combine financial power with their sex power, they use it to control their husbands.



  1. Celebration Types of Wives: They love to party and they are societal wives, they are unfaithful to their partners, they are always busy at weekends, all “Aso Ebi” must be bought, and all parties must be attended. They look for every opportunity to party. 1Timothy 5:6.



  1. Career Wives: These are women who are more committed to their career than their homes, they instruct their house help or maid to carry out their own responsibility.

As a wife, if you allow your career to take priority over your husband, you are digging an endless pit for your home and your happiness.

After God, your husband should be number one in your life, then your children before your work. Proverbs 14:1.



  1. Corrosive Wives: Proverbs 21:9 says, “It is better to dwell in a corner of the housetop, than with a brawling woman in a wide house”.


A corrosive wife is a battle-ready wife, she curses, abuse, criticize, condemn, strife and indulge in physical combat.

They have caustic mouth, dirty mind and hateful character; “If you cannot beat them bite them” is their slogan.

They fight virtually anybody around, from neighbor to their maid.


  1. Gutter Wives: These are the set of lazy and dirty wives. It is better to visit an un-kept public toilet than to visit their house early in the morning.

Toilet is dirty, the bathroom is stinking, the dishes unwashed, laundries unwashed, sitting rooms like dunghills, cushion chair is stinking of baby’s urine, no wonder their husbands refuses to come home.

  1. Veteran Types of Wives: They are not against their husbands and they do nothing to see that they succeed. They are full of the old wound, full of bitterness and resentment.


They are a veteran of many marriage battles. They’ve made up their minds not to fight again and never give peace a chance.

They’re not fighting because of their age and not pillowing peace because of their bitterness.


  1. Solo Wives: They operate within themselves, they keep their secrets to themselves, have no friends.


  1. Kingdom Wives: These are uncommon types of wives. They are extraordinary women of grace, full of wisdom and the power of God. These women will be the topic of my next blog post, so to stay updated Join my mailing List thanks.


  1. Ancient Wives: They are old fashioned wives and Victorian mentality, they dress shabbily and look like grandma’s, tie wrapper to bed instead of night wears, careless about their outlook, most especially if they are not going out; their slogan here in Nigeria is “Who dey look me”.


They are full of inhibitions and cultural believe that makes sex life difficult for their husbands. They believe that sex must take place only for procreation.


  1. Baby Wives: They are physically mature women with a childish mentality, they are adult in the cradle with nappy, they may be holding a PhD, but they are stark illiterate maritally.



Common Behaviors of Childish Wives


  1. They do refuse to cook for their husbands when they are angry.
  2. They use sex as a weapon to punish their husbands whenever they are offended.
  3. They believe they are married because of giving birth to children.
  4. They destroy properties in the house when they quarrel with their husbands.
  5. They share their personal affairs with their friends.
  6. Comparing her husband with other man.
  7. They are foolish and know nothing. Proverbs.
  8. They are proud, stubborn and not submissive to their husband.
  9. They are a prayer less woman.

In conclusion, this article titled 12 types of wives is not written to condemn you but to help you know who you are as a wife. In my next article, I will write about the qualities of Kingdom wives. To stay updated new interesting article Follow this blog by Email.

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