Keys To Successful Motherhood And Fatherhood

Parenting is an act of supporting and encouraging the emotional, educational, social and spiritual lifestyle of your kid from adolescent to adulthood.

The role of you as a parent is to love and protect your kids in times of war and dangerous situation.

Key To Successful Motherhood And Fatherhood

                                 Seven Effective Keys To Successful Christian Motherhood

  1. Make out time to talk to your Kids

Make it a priority to set out time when you can relate to your kids; a time you ask your children questions about themselves. During this time you are building an intimate relationship with them which pays off.

Allow them to say how they feel about the challenges of life and also speak kindly with them. Motherhood is a very important aspect of a successful family.

  1. Show Love To Your Spouse

As a Christian mother is your responsibility to love and respect your husband; by doing so you are letting your children see the respect that you have for their father.

You have to know that your children learn from every action you display at home, by showing a good example they will know how a home should be established in harmony. Action speaks louder than voice.

  1. Be Their Friend And Also Be A Strict Parent

There is nothing wrong with being your children’s friend, but you have to know that your children also need spiritual, moral, ethical guidelines from you as their mother.

You need to be there for them and help them out in times of difficulties and challenges of life.  If you are busy with work, am sorry your children will fall into the hands of bad and negative advisers. If you’ve been doing so please change.

  1. Be a Good Listener

Listening effectively is the most important qualities of motherhood. As a mother listen effectively to what your children have to say. You to need pay attention to their point of view because it matters a lot.

  1. Teach your Children Hospitality and How to Help Others

You have to teach your children the importance of being kind to their neighbors. Encourage them to abide by the law governing the society.

  1. Teach them Positive Values

Constantly teach them positive values that reflects positive character. Teach them how to be truthful and honest. In other to prevent your children from lying to you, if they confess their wrongdoing, have mercy on them. Strictly punish them if you notice any rebellious act.

  1. Learn to Keep the Promises you made to your Children

When you fulfill the promises you made to your children, you are building a positive standard that promises are to be fulfilled and not to be broken. If you know you won’t be able to fulfill any promise you want to make with them, please don’t because they learn from you and that trust won’t be there any longer.

                                       Two Effective Keys To Successful Fatherhood

Why there are corrupt Leaders today is because they lack quality home and moral training. Children who undergo significant father training tend to possess higher effectiveness in their assessment, enhanced social skills; they do better in school and fewer negative characters. According to research, 75 percent of children who do not grow up with their fathers likely end up in Jail.

Two Keys To Successful Fatherhood

  1. Spend Quality Time With Your Children

In Every relationship spending quality time matters a lot. You build intimacy when you spend time with your kids as a father. Your children need your time, not just your money and gifts, they need to spend time with you.

The real test of your fatherly leadership is not in the effectiveness of your social skills, public relations, managerial skills or how effective you handle yourself in the public, it is in the home. Charity begins at home, they say.

Found out what your teenage children are involved in and be involved in those activities that interest them by doing so you are building an intimate relationship with them.

  1. Show Good Example

You have to be careful about what you do because it is not about what you say. As a good father, you have to show a good example to your children.

Teach them how to become a good father and the values as a father. Don’t beat their mother or utter negative words to their mother in their presence because these are negative things they can learn easily and on the long run it dramatically affect their home when they start having one.

Lastly, when drafting out rules in your home carry your children along and explain the rules to them because they are on the team.




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