3 Things That Make Insecure Girls Turn To Sex


Insecure girls turn to sex because of one reason or the other. In the African Society, insecure girls in need turn to sex.

3 Things That Make Insecure Girls Turn To Sex

In this article, you will get to know the signs of insecurity in a woman and the root causes of insecurity.

One of the root causes of insecurity in the life of young girls is that they are not adequately provided for or they are not contended with what their parents can provide for them; so they turn to sex to satisfy their selfish needs.

Another root causes of insecurities why insecure girls engage in sex before marriage is that they are trying to satisfy their emotional or dating relationship needs. I called it relationship insecurity.

Most young ladies turn to sex to satisfy their boyfriend or to prove their love to their boyfriend.

A relationship is one of the reason why young ladies turn to sex to protect their dating relationship.

Nothing Like the Love Found in `1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Love does not give up. Love is kind.

Love is not jealous. Love does not put itself up as being important. Love has no pride.

Love does not do the wrong thing. Love does not get angry.

Love does not remember the suffering that comes from being hurt by someone.

Love is not happy with sin. Love is happy with the truth.

Love takes everything that comes without giving up.

Love believes all things. Love hope for all things. Love keeps on in all things”.

Why insecure girls in need turn to sex is because most of them are in search of a true love that can only be found in the Bible.

The Bible is the only source of true love because God is love.

According to one study 40-46 per cent of Christian’s young girls believe that if they truly love someone, it makes sex harmless; which is very wrong.

4 Things That Make Insecure Girls Turn To Sex

  1. Searching for Self Worth: A young insecure girls in search for self-worth often risk going into sex before marriage.

Most young ladies feel that sex is the foundation of security and self-worth or the main reason why you are accepted by at least one man.

My advice for you as a young lady, never think that getting what you want from someone is going to increase your sense of self-worth or security. Sex lowers your self-worth and security.

The word of God made us understand that “He who wants to keep his life will have it taken away from him. He who loses his life because of Me will have it given back to him”. (Matt 10-39)

Basing self-worth on a human being or on your boyfriend will leave you empty.

God wants your personal needs to be met by him and not by your boyfriend or that man friend you claim loves you because you are into a sexual relationship with him.

As a young lady, one way to develop the feeling of self-worth is to give room to failure, don’t try to be perfect.

Accept yourself for who you are, and the little you can do.

Security like this is what you as a young lady needs to develop in your life. When you do, it will help you in dealing with people.

2. Searching For Personal Intimacy and Closeness: Young girls rush into a sexual relationship in an attempt to find personal intimacy and closeness in their dating relationship.

Young insecure Ladies want to feel close to another person. They want to make an emotional connection and feel loved and cared for.

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The high level of sexual activity among young insecure ladies shows how our culture is not able to experience true personal closeness.

Emotional connection is the goal. Sex is often the means. Clearly, a physical activity cannot help you reach an emotional goal.

What is personal closeness? A place where it is safe to be real.

Most young insecure girls do not want sex as much as they want a close and caring relationship with another “They just do not know how to find it”.

We allow our culture to tell us that the only way to find personal closeness is through touching another body which is a very wrong approach.

Real personal closeness is the result of letting another person see who you are.

If you do not feel good about yourself, you will keep yourself hidden and never have personal closeness.

True personal closeness means being able to remove all that we hide behind without fearing rejection.

The first step to that closeness is a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

3. Searching For True Friendship: Young insecure ladies suffer the most often from the pain of loneliness. Ladies suffer more than men do.

That is another important reason young ladies get involved in sex before marriage.

The fear of being lonely makes young girls keep having sex in their dating relationship to keep and save the dating relationship.

Seeking to be free from fear of rejection when your life is based on Christ, you are able to feel good about yourself.

When your good feeling is based on a human relationship or dating relationship, you may become dependent on that human or dating relationship.

If your relationships are based on action, it is not a loving relationship.

You can never be ease and secure; you can never be yourself.

If you give sex out of fear of rejection you are trying to buy security and with your body.

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4. Seeking For A Spiritual Connection: You have to have this knowledge that sex is a spiritual act; because sex is a spiritual act some people try to find spiritual oneness through sex.

When you wait and save sex until marriage, your sexual connection becomes part of your spiritual connection.

Oneness of spirit with another person can be accepted only if it is based on spiritual oneness with God.

Sex before marriage is the mother of guilt and it affects our relationship with God negatively.

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