4 Reasons why love Making is Important in Building Intimacy in a Marriage


The first step in a male and female relationship is dating and the second part of God’s design is Engagement.

The main purpose of this period in a male and female relationship is to bring the two dating partners together emotionally and allow them to know each other better; it is also the process of building intimacy and with God’s design for dating relationship loving making is not allowed until marriage.

4 Reasons why love Making is Important in Building Intimacy in a Marriage

The reason for dating before engagement is for you to know how your dating partner sees life and how you see life also, how she responds when faced with problems, how does he react?

I have come across women who were engaged to someone who literally never continued with the relationship. The engagement period is vital in helping dating partners discover more about one another.

The third part of God’s design for male and female relationship is marriage. The last of God’s design for a male and female relationship is marriage which is the total union.

His plan is to join together two partner’s heart, mind, and bones in perfect harmony. The physical act of lovemaking in marriage is important in building intimacy in marriage.  In this article, you will get to know the 4 reasons why Love Making is Important in Building Intimacy in Marriage


4 Reasons why love Making is Important in Building Intimacy in Marriage


  1. Friendship: God gave you and your partner lovemaking in your marriage to build an intimate friendship. When we look at love making, we are not only looking at the physical expression of love, but also the intimate bond that forms between you and your marriage partner. Building intimacy in marriage is quite simple if you follow these principles.



  1. Pleasure: The second reason why lovemaking is important in marriage is that of pleasure. This is the most important reason for lovemaking habits for non-Christians. They think the only purpose of lovemaking is the pleasure.


These Non-Christians can be called “Pleasure mongers” because that’s all they’re interested in. They use people to satisfy their sinful desires.


Their whole life and purpose are built on feelings, and they laugh at the old-fashioned values “I don’t care what the cost is; I want to feel good!’’.


God gave us love making for building intimacy in marriage and also for pleasure, but only within the circle of marriage. You don’t have to think that the act of lovemaking is bad.


Prior to building intimacy in marriage, you are not emotionally capable of handling lovemaking.

If, you’ve taken this beautiful act of love and hauled it through the mud with different dating partners, then you’re going into your marriage bed with all kinds of negative thoughts: “I wonder who he or she did this with. I wonder if he or she loves me as much as all those other dating partners”. All these negative thoughts prey on your mind, and soon the intimate part of your marriage is ruined.


God created love making for pleasure, yes, but you are only to experience it within the confines of marriage.


God created mating, not the devil. The devil has tried to get attention by making God’s people filthy.

He often takes the good things of God and twists and perverts them. Let me remind you that there is no recourse other than the word of God for a born-again believer.



  1. Reproduction: Another reason for loving making is Reproduction. Many early Christian thought reproducing was the only purpose for mating.


They thought “it’s terribly bad and sinful. Don’t ever mention it or bring it up or you have to do this in order to have more children that will carry on your name.



  1. Protection: Protection is the last reasons why love making is important in marriage, both physically and spiritually. And also for health-related diseases like Syphilis, gonorrhea, and various other types of venereal diseases have spread across this nation and literally around the world because of immorality and infidelity.



These social diseases, which come as a result of immorality has a spiritual background; God created mating for physical protection.


God has also given us this act of lovemaking in marriage to protect us spiritually. These are the four parts of God’s design that are reserved for marriage in the area of mating.


Since lovemaking is the most ultimate and precious of all physical relationship God has given us, I want you to have a new respect of God’s love and for the lovemaking aspect of your marriage relationship.


The way you can get the maximized best from this gift of love from God is by sharing it with someone like-minded in spiritual matters. That is God’s ultimate design in dating and marriage relationship.








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