Audio + Lyrics: Racheal Obasi – He’s Alive Again


Nigerian gospel Singer, Racheal Obasi comes through with a soul-lifting gospel song titled He’s Alive Again. The perfect song for the season.

Audio + Lyrics: Rachael Obasi - He's Alive Again

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Chant 2x
They on him humiliated him
Poured shame on him
and nailed him to the cross
But he’s  alive again
Wrought miracles ,changed destinies and gave me hope to live my life again…
Cos hes alive again..
hes alive for me and gave me hope where theres no hope theres hope today….
Cos hes alive again
You picked me 
and cleansed my sin
and made me whole to live a life of victory
Cos hes alive again…
Can i hear you sing it

Praise,dance and sing halleluyah to the king of kings cos
hes alive again..2x

Interlude……Hes alive ….hes alive…..again…..

(2) You raised the dead and healed the sick
And changed water to wine and brought your spirit on me 
Cos hes alive again
Brought victories and took the keys of life and death and gave it to you and i
Cos he’s alive again…
Now hes alive for me and gave me hope where theres no hope theres hope today…cos hes alive again….  
 Can i hear you sing it

Hes alive for me and gave me hope where theres no hope theres hope today…..hes alive again…
Shout it in the hills proclaim the story take the news around …be proud to sing hes glory … Cos hes alive more sorrows no more sickness oh…what a joy
go tell it to the mountains that he’s alive again
No more pain 
No more reproach 
No more sadness 
go tell it to the valleys 
That he’s alive again
now can i hear you chant it….
All:- Hu uuuu hu 
Huuuuuu hu u huuuu
Hes’alive again2x
Hes alive 
Hes alive again…
Resp.:-…..hes alive again
Give all glory to the king of glory yeah.. 
dance and sing take the news around….
Resp:- Hes alive again….
Call:- tell it to the mountains 
tell it to the valleys….
Hes alive again….


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