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How to Balance the Act of Parenting


Parenting is a constant life work to maintain balance. In this article, we will learn how to balance the act of parenting.

This article is a resourceful and a brief one, I will be talking about three facts that govern the act of parenting.

How To Balance The Act Of Parenting

Three Facts That Governs the Act of Parenting

  1. Balance Expectations with Abilities: A wise parent has to balance expectations with abilities. Punishing a child for what he is incapable of doing is not only wrong but also counterproductive to mature development.

The fact here is that every child is different and the fact that an old child may be able to do something doesn’t actually mean that another child can do the same task at the same age.

  1. Balance Love and Discipline: These two words work together, love your children and at the same time discipline them strictly. A wise parent who wants to fulfill the act of parenting must balance love and discipline.

It is possible to discipline your children without love but it is not possible to love a child without the discipline that says “I love you too much to let you get away with this: talking back to me rudely”.

Does the Bible make a case for discipline? Yes, an important one.

Does it make it as important a case of loving your child? Yes, Both are important and both must be balanced.

Not only is the act of parenting a master of balance but so is life itself

  1. You have to Balance Protecting a Child from Difficult Situations And Letting Him Or Her Feel the result of His or Her actions:
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A wise parent has to balance protecting her children and at the same time let him or her feel the consequences of his or her actions.

Do you do your child’s assignment for her or let her experience school punishment for not doing it?

Do you tell lies for your teenager to protect him or let him face the court when he’s been drinking?

One of the greatest mistakes a parent can make is to fail to help a child understand that with every choice there are consequences.

Balancing the act of parenting is simple if you would follow these guidelines practically.

Parenting is just like a lifestyle, what is the vision for your family? Do you see peace and stability? Do you see your home as a heaven? Do you see yourself making life not just bearable but good for the people in your territory?

Statistics says that eighty-five percent of all youth sitting in prisons grew up in a fatherless home; A family without a Daddy will have a problem. Fatherly care and training are very important in raising a balanced child. Kids need that fatherly discipline and advice.

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