6 Root Causes of Masturbation


Truth be told, Causes of masturbation are things that are common. masturbation is something that 95 percent of young men do.

Masturbation practice is one of the debated and least resolved problems in the church. In this article, I will unveil the root causes of masturbation and provide some key solution on how to tackle it.

It is a habit that sinks our spiritual life and strength. it draws away from the love of God. masturbation causes us more harm than good.

Causes of masurbation



The views and opinions of the causes of masturbation; its effects and its spiritual consequences have been discussed through the church with no final solution.

In the Bible, it is so awkward that the word masturbation does not appear or any hint about the act of masturbation.

The solution to tackle masturbation should be directed towards the causes of masturbation.  It is a fact of life that individuals addicted to the habit of masturbation are not interested in what you know about the causes of masturbation until they know that you care about them.

Your assistance would not be accepted by anyone that is addicted to masturbation until they know that you love them and sincerely seek to help them.

Some Individuals deny the fact that they don’t fantasize about a man or woman during masturbation, but it is unimaginable how you can excite yourself without a pleasurable picture or image.

If you still deny the fact that masturbation is not a sin since it is not done with an opposite man, my question is: “What is God’s position on lustful thoughts about a person other your marriage partner? Matthew chapter 5:28.

That is one of the reasons why you have to take your time in understanding the background of people who are burdened with the habit of masturbating.


The Root Causes Of Masturbation

  1. Shyness: It is a sign of low esteem; inability to express your feelings or speak out in public. Most males are too shy to walk up to a lady and ask out on a date. It will get to a point when you start fantasizing about what you could not do physically to a woman. When this feeling begins to grow inside of you, masturbating sets in; you’ll actually begin to masturbate gradually until you get addicted to it.


In other to break this habit of masturbating you need to get acquainted with the word of God and find scriptures that will help you overcome shyness.


You don’t tackle the habit of masturbating directly; you find the solution to the secondary problems that led to masturbation.


To make a tree good, it is wiser first of all to make the root good.



  1. Loneliness: According to my personal experience loneliness is a good reason, which causes masturbation. Loneliness can make an individual masturbate ruthlessly. The causes of masturbation can be traced to isolation and fantasy.

Loneliness is ultimately the root cause of masturbation. A loneliness that is often accompanied by feelings of deep self-hatred and anger.


When an individual is isolated from the real world relationship, one turns to fantasy and when the individual spends too much time on fantasy, it results in enslavement.



  1. Environmental Factor: The environmental effect of masturbation is that it is temporary and manipulated by the environment. The tendency to masturbate may disappear in a given environment. The environmental factor is one of the root causes of masturbation.


In one environment a twenty-two-year girl was surrounded by an unfriendly old girl where there was no mutual or real relationship and she falls prey to the habit of constant masturbation.


The same girl was taken to another environment kept in the midst of girls of her own age group and the habit of masturbation stopped.


She was masturbating in the environment of unfriendly old girls because she was lonely and isolated, but the habit of masturbation stopped in the second environment because she found girls with the same age group to relate in a real relationship.


If you really want to quit the habit of masturbation it is wise to avoid the environmental factor that the desire for you to masturbate is triggered.




  1. Reading of Sensual Book and Magazines: Sensual books are romantic books that stimulate emotions. These sensual books do a lot of harm to our emotional feelings. If you keep on reading these sensual books, there is no way you are not going to fall into the habit of masturbation.


The urge to masturbate actually begins in the mind. This is the reason some individuals who masturbate need even increasing mental excitement to attain pleasure and satisfaction.



  1. Watching of Dirty Movies: Individuals who masturbate are in one way or the other addicted to the watching of dirty movies and magazines. There is no way you are involved in the act of watching dirty movies that you won’t masturbate.


A man can only masturbate if his mind Is stimulated and excited. To stop the effect of this habit of masturbation or causes of masturbation, the renewing and cleansing of the mind are very essential. Romans 12:2.


The habit of masturbation can lead one to start nursing strange desires of committing adultery and sleeping with multiple partners at the same time. It can also lead to child molestation, bestiality, and cross-dressing.



  1. Emotional Breakdown or Imbalance: Most men use masturbation as a form of repairing their emotional breakdown, imbalance and to relieve stress.


What this actually means is that these men don’t know how to address their feelings of defeat, depression, rejection, and sadness. Masturbation, therefore, becomes a substitute for learning how to properly handle negative feelings.


Masturbation never solves your emotional problems, but gets you more depressed and defeated. It makes you feel guilty and worthless. it has high negative effects on your self-esteem and self-confidence.


Other causes of masturbation you have to look into seriously are:


  1. Depression
  2. Discouragement
  3. Fear of the Future
  4. Lust
  5. Selfishness
  6. Stress
  7. Defeat
  8. Failed Relationship

Lastly, Masturbation is a sin in the sight of God, it makes you unworthy in His presence. Most importantly masturbation has a negative effect on your intimate relationship with God.



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