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Children’s Family Daily Devotional Tips

How Daily Family Devotions Shape Our Children’s Attitude and Character
How Daily Family Devotions Shape Our Children’s Attitude and Character

In these modern days, children easily go astray, if they are not adequately nurtured with the word of God during daily family devotion; there are so many devotional books to use for your family devotional journey. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to shape your children’s attitudes and characters.

You are the custodian of many of your children’s life experiences, and you have the option of choosing experiences that build delight or bitterness for growing children.

Your children’s attitudes are also influenced by your own attitude. When you think, talk, and act in joyful ways, you help your children form joyful attitudes and characters. Daily family devotion does a lot more.

As you think, act, and talk with bitter attitudes toward your own experiences; you will likely pass on that bitterness to your children.

A purposeful approach to daily family devotions, Bible study, prayer, and the Lord Himself will contribute significantly to those joyful attitudes and characters you want to see in your children.

If you are bored, unconcerned, unhappy, or turned off by the daily family devotions that you lead, you can expect the same attitude in your children.

Through daily family devotion, you will find Bible truths that shape your family view of the world. Then you and your family can learn from the Bible what your responses should be.

These beliefs and convictions shape your children character, their values, in turn, become evident in their conduct; kindness, tenderness, faithfulness, truthfulness, and peacefulness.

What would be life without honesty, truthfulness, faithfulness, love, patience, gentleness, and kindness? It would be like a brick building without the bricks. It is impossible to lead a good moral life without such values or character qualities.

When you live a Godly life, you reflect strong moral and values to your children. Where do you get those values? From daily family devotions. Thus, the best source of value development is through Bible study and reading – exactly what family devotional times are.

It’s easy to recognize that bad attitudes rob off on others. Boredom, lack of concern, unhappiness, or other negative attitudes either ours as parents or our children’s – will cause devotions to drag. But excitement and delight in the word of God will cause that time to sparkle and bring the family together enthusiastically time after time.

Daily family devotions are times when we all can reflect on the word, we help our children form their Christian life view, and then their Christian character, and ultimately their Christian conduct. That surely makes it worth having devotions regularly.



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