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Covid19 Playlist: 10 Christian Gospel Songs to Listen to while you Stay at Home


Covid19 Playlist: 10 Christian Gospel Songs to listen while you stay at Home

The world is in panic and despair; It is no longer news that Coronavirus pandemic [Covid19] is a life-threatening virus affecting both the rich and poor, big and small.

Statistically, on Coronavirus pandemic [Covid19], the world has Confirmed 710,290 cases and still counting, 33,550 deaths and still counting. Nations are overwhelmed by the spread of Covid19 all over the world.

We are subjected to stay safe indoors to contain the spread; we know these are unusual times for everyone.

I believe we will get through this together by God’s grace. I have this keen belief that God will intervene and heal the world.

Watch Heal The World by Michael Jackson

You must know and obey the safety precautions to keep yourself and loved ones safe from Covid19.

What are the Covid19 Safety Prevention and Control?

  1. Wash your hands with soap and running water for 20 seconds.

2. Stay at home.

3. Use hand Sanitizer.

4. Cough and Sneeze into your elbows.

5. Practice Social Distance.

6. Avoid handshakes.

We recommend checking the website of The World Health Organization [WHO] for up-to-date information on Covid19.

Dailygospelvibe media team has taken its time to compile an inspiring Covid19 music playlist. Covid19 playlist is a list of powerful and motivational Christian worship songs to listen while staying at home with your family and loved ones.

10 Covid19 Music Playlist

  1. Abraham Saturday – God’s Is Not Too late

2. Carry Me – Nathaniel Bassey

Download mp3

3. Before The Alter – Glowrie

Download mp3

4. Brooding – Victoria Orenze

Download mp3

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5. Breathe – Dunsin Oyekan

Download mp3

6. Judikay – Holy Ghost

7. Judikay – Yes Lord

Download mp3

8. Judikay – Capable God

9. Super Jehovah – Chimamanda

10. Let it Rise To You – Iryne Rock

Download mp3

This Covid19 playlist is compiled carefully for you to stay connected to God and put your trust in God to heal the world.

The world desperately needs the touch of God. He will heal our land.

Lastly; if you have enough you can spread the love by giving; your 200naira can feed a family in this time of total lockdown. God bless you. Number to Call: +2348033943977. God bless you.

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