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Da Iji Duro – Bunmi Akinnaanu Adeoye

Da Iji Duro – Bunmi Akinnaanu Adeoye

Evang. Bunmi Akinnanu Adeoye popularly known as Omije Ojumi delivers a spirit-fillled yoruba worship mp3 titled, “Da Iji Duro [Stop The Storm]

“Calming the storm is one of the miracle of Jesus in the Gospel reported in Matthew 8: 23-27, He is the only one who can stop any form of storm be it Epidemic, Terrorism, Kidnapping and sort of evil challenges our nation is facing. Its time we call Him in the midst of the storm. In the Bible, there are many times that God provided protection for His people from natural storms. While we still seek shelter from physical storms today, we can look to scripture for encouraging words during the symbolic storms of our life. Times of grief and despair can be represented by storms as moments to endure until the sunny days of happiness and safety arrive. The Bible provides wisdom and guidance to get through the storms of our lives and follow the path of God through difficult times.” Evangelist Bunmi Akinnanu Adeoye

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About Bunmi Akinnaanu Adeoye

Olubunmi Akinnaanu Aeoye Popularly known as Omije Ojumi was born on the 19th of November, in Lagos state Nigeria. Her parents are late. She’s the 1st daughter and the 2nd born of the family. She hails from Ondo State Okitipupa LG. She obtained her West Africa School Certificate (WAEC) in Lagos. There after she proceeded to Lagos State Polytechnic where she studied Business Administration and also graduated. She did her IT in Eco-bank and she was exposed to all core area of banking where she got trained in various departments and was retained after a year for 10 years.

From her childhood, the Lord revealed it to her mother, through prophesies from Men of God that her daughter (Bunmi) would be a servant of God. From her high school days, Omije Oju mi was actively involved and in her church (ECWA) among Choir group.


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