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Daily Family devotional Lessons


daily family devotional lessons

Firstly I want you to know that the article you about to read will provide answers to your questions. In this article, you will find the importance and facts of daily family devotional lessons. Why you must make it as an important family lifestyle.


Learning the keys Truths of the Bible at Each Age

Aren’t doctrines for theologians and scholars? Not at all. Bible doctrines are merely Bible teachings; some of these are so simple that even a small child can grasp them.

For example, consider these truths about God: God loves me; God takes care of m; God leads me; God gives food to eat; God gives home; God is with me everywhere, and God is good. All our doctrines – on the one hand profound, on the hand extremely simple.

Most daily family devotional lessons can be life-changing; that is, when appropriated into a person’s life, they make that person different.

Devotions are great times to expose your child to Bible doctrines.  A doctrine such as “God takes care of me” can touch every generation.

At each age level, it will be understood and expressed in different ways. But the entire Christian family should be able to talk together about his single, simple truth.

Begin exposing children to Bible daily devotional lessons when they are very young during family devotions.

As the children mature, more doctrines will become part of their life, and thus part of their character and conduct.

By the time they leave home for college, career, or military service, they should have a comprehensive belief system that shapes their lifestyle.



If you tell your children to be loving, but your conduct towards others is unloving, your children have a problem: should they do what you say or do what you do?

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Before you expect your children to do what you say, you yourself must do what you say. If you don’t follow your own counsel, it strongly suggests that you don’t at all believe what you say. Why then should your children?

The most effective lesson you can ever give is to live like Christ in your Christian Home. As your children watch you practice the truths of God, they will believe your words.

Conduct that lives out verbal teaching is more than twice as powerful as either one alone. Practice validates principle.

Role modeling puts your footprints in the sand for your children to follow.

By setting the example of daily devotional purpose-driven life, you become a pattern so children can see how it is done.

Practice the presence of God daily. Practice the truths of the word; live them out.

A very important person, your child, is watching and following your example.


Family devotions are the opportune time to open the communication pipeline – between the Lord and us and among family members.

As we share our concerns with the Lord, we can also share them with one another.

As we ask God for his help, we can ask one another for support and help.

As we thank God and praise Him, we can also express our thanks and appreciation to one another for gifts given, favors done, or for just who they are.

As we ask God for direction, counsel, and answers, we can also ask one another for suggestions, counsel, and advice.

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And as we seek to know God and his ways, we can through family devotional times seek to know each other and delight in one another’s ways.

Daily Family devotional gives natural and meaningful opportunities to communicate with each other as well as with God.


And in the same way – by our faith – the Holy Spirit helps us with our daily problems and in our praying. Romans 8:26.

Problem-solving is a good approach for daily family devotionals.

One idea is to start with a Bible person and read through his or her story.

Look for problems he or she experienced, and also look for anything you can find that shows how the person dealt with them.

Take Joseph for Example:

  1. Brothers or sisters having trouble getting alone: Joseph faced so much sibling rivalry that his brothers sold him.
  2. The temptation to do something wrong: Potiphar’s wife tempted Joseph wrongfully; Joseph was even thrown into prison for something he didn’t do.
  3. Being wrongfully accused: Both Potiphar and his wife accused Joseph wrongfully; Joseph was even thrown into prison for something he didn’t do.
  4. Forgiving people who beat you up: Joseph’s brothers actually wanted to kill him. When he could have killed or hurt them, he forgave them.


Another approach is to ask each family member for a specific problem he or she faces, and then try to find a Bible person who experienced a similar problem.

Or find Bible verses that provide Bible responses to that problem.



“I don’t have time for a daily family devotional.” “I don’t have time to go to church.” “I don’t have time to read my Bible devotion for today.”

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Such statements are value judgments. Everyone has exactly the same amount of time – twenty-four hours each day.

You don’t have twenty-four while I have twenty-five. Yet I find time for a daily devotional, so the statement “I don’t have time” really means, “I don’t value Christian daily devotional enough to make time for them.”

Why not talk about this with your children? Talk about the ways you spend time each day.

What are the five most important ways to spend time? Compare what your family could be doing – including a daily devotional – with what you are doing.

In a moment of excitement, your children may say that you should spend a half hour on daily family devotional each day.

Don’t trap yourself with unrealistic expectations  – if you’re just getting started, try ten to fifteen minutes each day and see how it get goes

Do people who have daily family devotions each day really have more time? No, they merely value time with God’s word enough to give it a high priority or what do you think?

If you really want daily family devotions in your family, you can do it too.

Family devotions are important in our family; we should make it a core must do in our family because that’s what shapes our children conduct and lifestyle when they are away from home.

It draws us close to God and unites our family with unconditional love; problems are solved during this time.








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