David and Jonathan Friendship: Finding Your Second Self



David and Jonathan Friendship: Finding Your Second Self

Finding your second self is rare and precious to find in this present modern world. David and Jonathan friendship is a spiritual soul mate friendship that is rare to find nowadays.

I have heard so many friends pass through my life and I have realized that they are a different kind of soul friend.

How do you find your Second Self?

Do you want David and Jonathan Friendship connection?

David and Jonathan Friendship are unique and exceptional from all other soul mate friendship because it is spiritual; God actually joined them together.

In this article you will learn about David and Jonathan friendship lesson; how to apply it and you will get to know the soul mate relationship characteristics.

Biblically a perfect example of a soul friend is the type that David and Jonathan practiced (1 Samuel 20).


What is Soulmate Connection?

Why is soul mate friendship so precious?

It is when love is knit together in body and soul.


Finding Your Second Self

Soulmate connection relationship can be found by being friendly, finding your second self is rare these days; you can discover your soul friend often by chance and sometimes it is designed by God.

Let’s use David and Jonathan friendship lesson as a case study. Their soul mate friendship was not by chance at all, it was designed by God. “I call it spiritual soul mate”.

You have to know that you can’t meet or find your soul friend or second self just by doing nothing; you have to engage in long-term prayers that will take you months and even years before you receive an answer from God.

God answers your prayer at the perfect time. When He knows the time is right for you to find your second self, He will help you discover Him or Her.

                                                 Your second self is actually your soul mates twin flame

  David and Jonathan Friendship Lesson        

David promised a loyalty to Jonathan that went beyond traditional friendship.

He extended unconditional loyalty even to the future generation of Soul’s household.

To seal this vow, David and Jonathan sworn an Oath of Soulmate Friendship.

David went to great expense to make good on this vow when, years later, he sought out and took in Mephibosheth, the sole surviving member of the soul’s family (2 Samuel 9).

Not many people can take their vows as seriously as David did. Self-interest, rather than sacrifice governs most relationships.

When have you kept a family promise or friends promise that inconveniences you?

What other sacrifice are you willing to make for your family and friends and their families?

Let Us follow David and Jonathan friendship lesson, Jonathan saw David as his second self and committed himself to him.

How did David keep his promise to Jonathan? See 2 Samuel 9.

Different Kinds of Soulmates Friendship between Men and Women

  1. It is rare to find a second self among male gender because men find it difficult to make themselves vulnerable especially to other men.



  1. Women find it easy to intimately find their soul mate connection relationship; what am saying is that soulmate friendship are common among women than men.


For example, when two little girls are bonded together in a solid friendship; they become possessive and treacherous to a third little girl who tries to break into their cycle of two.



It is only spiritual maturity that changes this friendship style of both men and women.

As women mature and learn to find their security in Christ, they become less possessive and are willing to open their cycle.


As men mature also in Christ they become more comfortable with intimacy.






David and Jonathan played maturity in their faith, and this positively affected their soul mate connection relationship.

They served as an example to men of what is possible for their soul mate friendship to work.

In addition, what can you learn from David and Jonathan friendship lesson even when the two were separated by distance See 1 Samuel 20:41-42 and 23:15-18.

How to Nurture a SoulMate Friendship

Through Commitment: Finding your second self is a great adventure. One of the soulmate relationship characteristics is that it is divine.

It is a precious gift from God. Only a few people get the chance to meet and connect with their second self.

So if you are privileged to meet your second self I would advise you to stay committed. Commitment is the secret to a successful soul friend relationship.

Relationships are broken because of a lack of commitment. Embrace commitment and you will see you soul mate friendship working out like that of David and Jonathan Friendship.

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