Facts About Sex Before Marriage: Tips For Young People


In this article, you will get to know the facts about sex before marriage and also the disadvantages of sex before marriage. Believe me, there are so many benefits of waiting until marriage.

Facts About  Sex Before Marriage

Young people who have sex before marriage are getting themselves into serious emotional hurts.

The cost of having sex before marriage causes guilt, pain, emotional breakdown, unhappiness and possible sexually transmitted diseases.

In this modern society, Christian singles face great pressure from other singles who are in one way or the other having sex before marriage and they forget the heavy cost of such an act.


As a parent, you must help your single children answer their questions about sex before marriage; you must teach them the consequences.

You must help them understand God’s reason’s for waiting for sex until they are married. Not having sex before marriage is one of the signs of good a Christian living.

1. Facts About Sex Before Marriage

One of the consequences of sex before marriage is that when that person gets married, usually the marriage will not survive a slight misunderstanding.

2. Facts About Sex Before Marriage

Young people who practice abstinence from sex have a better chance of enjoying a lasting happy marriage than those who engaged in sex before marriage.

Many young singles are aware that sex before marriage can cause STD’s and unwanted pregnancies but that’s not a good reason for most of them.

 Causes and Disadvantages of Sex before Marriage


  1. Spreading Of Sex Caused Diseases: One of the dangerous effects of sex before marriage is getting STD’s.


If you are still single and you are having sex with different dating partners, you open yourself up to many kinds of STD’s.

You can also be a victim of STD if you have sex with just one dating partner if that person has had sex with many other dating partners.

About half of our young children are having sex and about one fourth to one-third of these our young single children have an STD.


As those who have an STD have sex with those who do not, that number is growing.

As a parent, you must let your young singles to know the great danger of getting an STD. you must show them how true love can wait till marriage.


  1. Sex Before Marriage Endangers Young Single Women: Young women are in danger of getting sexually transmitted diseases than young men.


As a parent, you must protect your single girls and young single women by helping them see the long-lasting importance of waiting for sex until marriage.


      Fours about STD’S and Single Young Women


  1. Young women have the chance of getting sexual diseases more than men because of their body system delays in showing the signs and symptoms of the diseases. That makes them delay in getting medical attention.


  1. The high rates of cancer from STD’s are increasing among young single women.


  1. One study reported that 38 percent sexually active women between 13 and 21 years of age already have an incurable sexual disease that is connected to certain cancers.


  1. According to research, 30 percent to 40 percent of very early births and the deaths of babies at birth are caused by sexual diseases.

For the good of your daughters and other young women out there, you must help all young women and young teen girls say no to sex before marriage.

          Dangerous Ways to Have Sex

 There is no safer ways to have sex; you can still be a victim of STD’s if you never had sex with your boyfriend, but you play around touching each other’s private parts with your hands and mouths.

Sexual diseases can be spread from one to another without completing the sex act. The germs that cause the diseases are in the fluids that come out through the body.

Those germs can enter another body through a small cut, even the smallest opening in the skin.

Young singles need to be taught how dangerous such playing around is.

The cost and consequences of sex before marriage to young single children and women are almost too great to be counted. As parents, we must do whatever we can to help them stop this.

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