Your family can be Happy

Your family can be Happy , Family And Happiness

Family And Happiness                   Your family can be Happy , Family And Happiness


Recent Studies show most Americans believe that if they earned just 10 to 20 percent more money they would be happy.

Believe me, your family can be happy.

The prophet Isaiah sang God’s challenge to that kind of thinking: “why spend your money on food that doesn’t give you strength? Listen and I’ll tell you where to get good food that fattens up the soul!” (Isaiah 55:2).

Jesus repeated the theme when he said, “What happiness there is for you who are poor, for the Kingdom of God is yours!” (Luke 6:20).

When we have the mind of Christ, we will crave spiritual riches rather than material ones, and our families will become a source of blessing for others who have less. Your family can be happy if you have the mind of Christ.

                      Family And Happiness Story

The Tochukwu family decided to limit their standard of living to a responsible level, regardless of how their income might rise. “The things we thought we wanted became pretty unimportant when we saw how people lived in poverty here in Nigeria,” said Tochukwu Ibe.

His wife, Ijeoma, agreed. “After our mission trip to London, we couldn’t accumulate luxuries once we had seen small children going without food.”

In grooming family consumer habits, think in terms of God priorities. Is there any connection between a product you want to buy and exploitation of other people or places?

Will this product become more valuable with use? Can you pass it on or recycle it? For the luxuries you buy, can you match the amount of purchase and donate it to a missionary family overseas or to a relief agency? Your family can be happy when you think this way.

Cultivate simple living lifestyle in your family. One couple chose elegant bike-trek picnics as a regular event with their kids in place of fast-food outings.

They took fresh rolls, cheeses, fruit, and sparkling water to a nearby park. It was easy, economical, and helped them preserve the tradition of their European background.

Keep a running list of the simple things your family enjoys. Consciously be content with what you have, rather than always looking to get new things.

Take what you have and “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.”

Be lavishly generous with your attention and time. Splurge on affection- its free and everybody wants it.

You can always give away compliments, courage, and confidence. Installing these qualities in others at every occasion is an inexpensive way to make your environment a better place.

Make it a family tradition to replace waste and extravagance with an abundant and functional lifestyle that glorifies God. When you are contented with you have surely your family can be happy without cost. family and happiness work together.




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