Godly Training Tips For Children In Christian Homes

child’s mindset, Guides to parenting

Children are the pillars of tomorrow. Training of your children is in high demand in raising role models and great future leaders of the nation.

 child’s mindset, Guides to parenting

As longs as your children are being nurtured properly in Christian homes, it will be difficult to have corrupt leaders in the country.

Nothing more will contribute more to a child’s well-being and adjustment than growing up in a home where love and appreciation between the parents are evident.

It is difficult to find angry young teenagers from a peaceful and loving home.

I want you to know this “the way you actually live your life now determines the kind of choices your children will have in future”.

In this article, we will learn Ten Godly training tips for children.

1. Raise your children Firmly and Tenderly

Am begging you fathers do not provoke your children to anger but nurture them tenderly and discipline them strictly.

If you are too high handed with your children it will make resentment to breed in their hearts. That is what it means to provoke your children to anger.

Some parents say, “What did I do? Did I not provide for them?” There are things you do or do not do that make your children to harbor bitterness and feel unloved.

As you single mom or dad, you may be finding it difficult to succeed with your children; but believe me, you can if nurture them with love, Godly training, and prayers.

2. Teach Them How To Read The Bible

When you buy a bible for your child, buy a light marker with it. When you lead your children, mentor and give them Godly training, God in heaven will be happy you did so.

You have to teach your children to act in line with the word of God.

Open the Bible and teach them the word of God. Need a children Bible for Your Family?

You are supposed to have this mentality because you cannot be lily-livered about parenting at all. When your child is in school and about to fight, he should hear your voice in his head, she should hear her father’s voice in her head because it aligns with the Word of God.

This is what makes the difference and gives you the confidence to send your children abroad to study.

3. Nurture Your Children From An Early Age

Train up a child in the way he should go and when he grows up, he will not depart from it. That is just fact that guides parenting.

What they Garbage in is what they Garbage out and there are no two ways about.

Psychologist made us understand that a child’s mindset is formed by the age of five, six and seven.

At that age, what you put into that child and what the child is exposed to in the first few years of life to a large extent become part of the child’s make up. So watch for your children in the first years of their lives.

4. Let Your Children Watch Us Live And Do The Word Of God

Our lifestyle is what matters a lot here; if you really want your children to fear God live the word of God that you preach to them.

As a parent, you shouldn’t act as a hypocrite. You need to do what is right because your children are studying you like their mathematics book and in the long run they will follow the footsteps you laid down for them.

5. Show Unconditional Love To Your Child

Love your children unconditional and demonstrate your love by respecting and rewarding them with gifts or praises when they perform well in their studies or any other area of their life.

If you want your children to respect you as their father or mother then respect them as well.

In Africa, there is very low value for children, but learn to put a high value on your children.

6. Punish Them And Do Not Spare The Rod

Discipline your child wrong acts; do not spare the rod. What is the rod? It is a short firm stick and the holy bible calls it the rod of correction and discipline.

In terms of punishing your children call them in private and discipline them. This also shows that you value and honor them.

If they misbehave in public, you do not discipline and embarrass them there, if not they begin to harbor resentment. Instead, you can go to the restroom and warn your child, saying, “When we get home, we have to talk.”

The child already knows what that means. When you use the rod purposefully, you will see a change in your children.

In fact, you will not have to use it often because a child knows what it stands for.

God disciplines whom He loves. Many of us are in God’s school of discipline because he loves us. So if you love your children, you will discipline with love.

7. Pray Fervently For Your Children

Prayer is an important role in parenting. Pray with your children so that they can learn the importance of praying.

This is will depend on God and not you. Sometimes, your children will ask you for certain things and you say “You cannot get it now, go and pray about it.”

Pray with them, for them and into their future. It is not too early to pray for their life partners and their finances.

As you teach them to invest, teach them also about the covenant; tithing and giving of offerings to the Lord because it is in the word of God. Discover the power of Praying for your children


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