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How to Build a Successful Christian Home

Building a Christian home does not just happen. There are some price and condition which you need to fulfill in order build a successful Christian family.


Christian Home: How to make it Successful

Everyone who wants to build a successful Christian household must be willing to pay the humble price of building a Christ home. 

Building a Christian home does not just happen. There are some price and condition which you need to fulfill in order to build a successful Christian family.

In this article, you will know the characteristics of an ideal Christian home and also the characteristics of building a strong Christian family.

The most important fact you have to know is that God is the builder of every Christian home but he cannot go beyond your willingness to co-operate with Him.

What is a Christian Home? Building a Christian home is a sensitive area of our lives and the society. It is the institution which God Himself established and wants to be glorified in.

Christian family life is a divine assignment to be done with full focus. You cannot afford to be careless with it else you will be playing with the future of your family.

This “how to build a Christian home article” is an article that addresses the principles that concern man and woman, husband and wife in the building of their Christian home.

Three People Who Are Involved In the Success Of a Christian Home

  1. God Is the Ultimate Builder Of Your Christian Home: God is the ultimate builder of every Christian family life. In the building of your Christian home; you must have these attributes of God; foresight and vision.

Get a blueprint; sit down and plan. Think about what your Christian home would be like and count the cost of building such a Christian family before embarking on it.

I have seen many people who stumbled into the building of a Christian home when they got halfway they find out that they do not have what it takes to complete it.

They did not read enough about how to build a Christian home in order to know what is required of them.

Building a Christian home is the only institution where you get a certificate before you begin the course. And the certificate can be gotten in 10-15 minutes.

You just take your partner to court or registry and you have one or two witnesses and you are married.

Do not play with building your Christian home or Christian family life because your certificate at the end of this Christian home building project is harmony, peace, honor, and fulfillment.

God is your helper in building a successful Christian family life. Psalm 127:1 says: “Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it.” Let the Lord take the lead. Let Him give the instructions. Let Him show you the blueprint for a Christian home.

He is the planner. You should be wise enough to obey His word. If you are interested therefore in building a successful Christian home, you have got to be prepared to work hard at it.

Whatever you input into building your Christian family life, the benefits is yours. You are not doing it only for your spouse, but ultimately for yourself.

  1. The Responsibility of Man In Building A Christian Home: As the man in the Christian home you are the motivator, you must see ahead, have vision. You are the authority in the family.

You are the focal point in the Christian home you are establishing; you are the head and every part of the body is linked to the head via the brain. The head is the thinking faculty. It is the head that gives instruction and direction.

If the brain in the head is faulty, the other parts may be penalized.

As the man in a Christian home, you are the motivator. You are full of ideas to be carried out for the ultimate good of your Christian home.

Get a vision from God; for your life first, then for your Christian family life. Write it down, make it plain that your wife, children and those living with you could read it make use of it.

If as a man you do not have a clear direction of where you are going in life or what you are to do with your life you will only lead your family astray.

You must have something doing, a job, a career and an assignment that will last you and your Christian home a lifetime.

To provide is your God-given responsibility. You are a provider you must provide for your immediate Christian home. This is your service to God.

It is your responsibility as the father of the family to protect your Christian home. Your wife is to feel secure, your children are to feel protected by your presence, not threatened or provoked.

Don’t be a terror in your Christian home. If you are used to finding faults and complaining as soon as you are home from work; change that habit.

Your wife is your life companion. Take time to build her esteem. Let her cherish your presence. Do not expose her to insults from others.  Buy her new clothes and dress her up so that she can be well addressed by doing these things to your wife you are shaping a long-lasting Christian family life.

Protect her in every way you can. Being a woman is expensive and fragile; make sure she is handled with care, love, and affection.

As a man, husband, a father, you are the priest in your Christian home. God expects that you will lead your Christian family in the way of the Lord.

In some Christian families, it is only the woman that goes to church and probably with the children.

This is wrong. You are not to leave spiritual things to your wife alone. As the head of your Christian home, you need to be righteous before God and carry your Christian home along.

Take up your priestly position in your Christian home and every frustration in your Christ home will be canceled in Jesus Name.

  1. The Responsibility of a Woman In building A Christian Home: It is the responsibility of a woman as a wife to build her Christian home.

One of the most important things a woman can do in building her Christian home is to pray. You must pray for your husband and children.

You have no choice but to pray that your husband move forward in life. Prayer is the most important aspect of building a Christian home.

Have daily devotion to God where you remember your husband and your children.

Lift up your voice for the life of your children. Many children’s destinies are shaped on their mother’s knees.

By prayer, you link up with God to see ahead and thus lead your child into their God-given destinies.

You are to submit to your own husband if you want to build a successful Christian home. Submission actually is the God-ordained way to your lifting and fulfillment in your Christian home.

Do not think you can fulfill your own destiny while submitting to your husband. This is just the pathway to your rising. When your husband is happy with you and blesses you, you are blessed indeed.

Submission wins a man’s heart. Win your husband’s heart and your Christian home is bound for success.

Carefully plan and strategize every aspect of your Christian home’s welfare. Let your husband look forward to your meals.

Manage your resources available and present nutritious meals for your Christian family so that you do not end up nursing sickness.

Good health is part of a successful Christian household. Take care of your family clothes. Ensure that your husband and your children leave home in neatly washed and ironed clothes.

You are the home-maker. As a woman, it is your duty to ensure that your house is neat and clean. Teach your children how to clean up too.

Watch what you speak. Your tongue is a channel by which you create your world. Words that go forth from your mouth make or break; build or destroy. Speak God’s word regularly in your Christian home.

Your home is your world. Frame it well with your words. God’s word will shatter every negative force that rises against the success of your Christian home.

This how to build a successful Christian home. By applying all these tips you are on your pathway to building a fulfilling Christian family life.


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