How to Cope with Being a Single Mom



How to Cope with Being a Single Mom

Parenting is a lifework that must be managed and maintained daily. In this single parenting article, you will know what single parents go through and how to overcome them. What is it like being a single mom? Read on.

Christian parenting is different from any other parenting style.

Single parenting challenges are in different forms especially for working single parents.


Here you have to instill spiritual values and teach your children how to develop a rich personal relationship with God.

This article will teach you how to be a successful single mother. Working single parents need to read this article.

As a Christian Single mom, you want your children to love God, live a Godly life, and live a prayerful lifestyle.

You want to begin earlier in teaching your children about character, consequences of their actions, fidelity, honesty, integrity, and obedience, moral and ethical responsibility. The opportunities for teaching close quickly for working single parents.

This single parenting article is going to teach you how to survive financially as a single mom, how to be a strong single mother and how to be a good single mother.

As a working single parent, you need help. How? You need help in raising your children; you need the help of God most importantly. Some people don’t know what is like being a single mom.

Life is often more demanding for single working parents who are working in addition to child rearing.

Single parenting challenges of life are doubled because these single parents have limited time and energy that full-time parents have for their children.


Most problems of working single parents or career parents focus on one factor “time”.

There is limited time for single parents or career parents to be with their children, friends, and even time to be alone.

Even the details of daily living become stresses. How to cope with being a single mom is quite overwhelming.

Which of the following should working parents or single parents put first?

  1. Child Care
  2. Family
  3. Leisure
  4. Housework
  5. Time for oneself
  6. Time for Spouse
  7. Spiritual life
  8. Time for special friend


Some working parents or single parents have learned how to prioritize like Mary in Luke 10:41-42, these single parents choose what is better rather than being worried and upset about many things.

But a number of working parents and single parents are so stressed that even thinking about their lives is out of the question.

There are no easy answers; some working single parents work so their children may have the benefits that two incomes bring.

The stresses and time of working single parents must be weighed against those benefits.

But in many cases, there is no alternative to both parents working of course; most single moms have no choice. They must work to support themselves and their children.

Important Tips On How to cope with Being A Single Mom

  1. Take Heart: If you as a working single parent, take heart; you are not alone, and you can do something to change your circumstance.

As Ecclesiastes says, “Two can accomplish more than twice as much as one.” Take advantage of the relationships God has placed in your life.

If you are married, take time to talk to your partner about your stresses. What causes the stress? Do your priorities reflect that they should?

Do you place enough importance in nurturing your children and your marriage? If necessary, set new priorities.

Working single parents need to find other parents or close friends on whom they can depend on.

Seek out these people at church. They can become a crucial source of support in times of need.

And all parents need to find and grow their spiritual life through their relationships with the Lord.

  1. Take Inventory: Consider how much time you spend with your children each weekday. How many minutes do you talk to, play with, and work alongside your children? Do your children get enough of your attention for them to learn from you? Think of two or three priorities you might set to help make more time for your children each day.


In what other ways can you juggle the household chores? For example, how can your children be involved in helping out? Consider taking an hour or two over the next few weeks to talk to your older children on how to help you more.

Sundays look a lot like Saturdays for many single working parents, a day to get work done.

In what ways can you make Sunday a true day of rest? What can you shift to another day or put off so you can have a more relaxed, family renewing Sunday?

How can you reprioritize your time and activities? Determine what is important and cannot be left undone. For instance, the grocery shopping.

Determine what can be left for another time, such as washing the car.

The task of parenting today is indeed difficult but with God’s Guidance and thoughtful effort, you can overcome all these Single parenting challenges.

One of the role Christian parents must fill involves teaching their children to love and obey God.







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