How to Honor Your Children


How to Honor Your Children

Do you honor your children? This is the question I ask every Christian parent I come across. Honoring your children doesn’t mean you are pampering them.

In today’s family matters article, I will expose you to the secrets on how to honor your children.

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“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me!” Every child believes this old adage; but in reality, insults can hurt more than physical attacks.

Verbal insults are a harsh reality to growing children. Most children in Christian homes hear them daily.

Honoring your children is one of the powerful ways you can put an end to verbal assaults.

As a Christian parent, it is your full responsibility to honor your children and counterattack verbal assaults.

Here Are Some Steps You Can Help You As A Christian Parent


How to honor your children works along with you teaching them how to honor you as their mom or dad.

  1. Teach them how to honor Mom and Dad: “Honor your father and mother, that you may have a long, good life in the land the Lord your God will give you” God commanded Exodus 20:12.


You or your children can’t get away from the ripple effects of this commandment from God – either your life will be prolonged as you honor your parents, or you risk shortening your days.


Does your Child’s tone of voice and actions reflect honor towards you?


Are you teaching your children to honor you by showing respect for your own respect?


  1. Teach your children how to find value in their Troubles: Many Christian parents go a long way to protect their children from physical and emotional hurts.


Yet troubles can teach your children patience (James 1:2-4). When we go through embarrassment or defeat, “God gives strength to the humble” (James 4:6). Trials can also make us more sensitive to other’s suffering (2cor 1:4).


One way you can honor your children is to help them see the gain that can come from their troubles.


Don’t refuse to cry with your children or minimize their hurt with a “Hug”, but do remind them that when they feel defeated, God gives strength. When they feel lonely, God is with them.


  1. Provide clear boundaries for your Children: Rules are important in any Christian home that wants to maintain consistent discipline.


Consistent setting up realistic limits with your children will give them a feeling of security and also develop their sense of discipline.


  1. Treat your Children with Love, Care, and Tenderness: If you want long-lasting Christian home with familial love, treat your children with tenderness. Show them enough love and care. Make positive comments about your child. And also make your child feel loved and valued.


As a Godly father, don’t be too aggressive with your children. Avoid angry words and insensitive actions, children react to those negative vibes.


You should note that a parent’s sweet hugs and kisses, sweet tone of voice makes kids feel loved and special.



  1. Learn to Value people than material things: If you really want to honor your children you must learn to value your children than your job. Let me ask you this question “Do your children ever get that much attention from you?


Helpful Parenting Ideas For Christian Parents


No parent is perfect. If you think you are perfect at parenting, you’ve never tried something new.


The natural fact you have to know about parenting is that if you honor your children consistently, their sense of value will overshadow your parenting mistakes.

Mother affections towards a child are very important in raising great and confident kids.


Parenting Ideas That Shows You Honor Your Children

  1. Talk to your children daily and tenderly hold their arms


  1. When you make mistakes admit you made a mistake. By doing so you are building a long lasting self-worth.


  1. When talking to your children use a sweet tone of voice. Control your tone of voice when they make mistakes.


  1. When they get hurt cry with them.


  1. Appreciate them and don’t compare them with other children.


  1. Express your love and commitment.


  1. Prayer is the key to everything in life. Learn to pray with your children. Teach them the value of prayer.


Finally, honoring your children doesn’t mean pampering them. It means treating them with tender love, care, and respect.


You can be the Best Dad and you can be the Best Godly mother, but is no perfection in parenting.




Why do Children deserve High Honor See Psalm 127:3.







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