How To Raise Responsible And Successful Children

parenting, kids, children

Raising children who do well in the life is possible if you are ready to work it out. It is inspiring in raising wealthy children.

As a parent or parent to be you need to lay a healthy foundation for raising responsible and healthy children.

parenting, kids, children

Most importantly you must be careful about how you live your life and have a godly lifestyle because your children learn more by what they see and not just what they are told.

As you live your lifestyle, have this mindset that you are not for yourself; you are not alone, there are generations inside and the decision you take today will put your children on a particular pedestal.

You Can Raise An Entrepreneurs

Your children must grow up to be responsible. That is the ultimate. So you need to teach them to be hardworking and responsible.

Teach them how to invest their time in what will make them productive. Teach them how to invest their income and how to manage their finances.

Teach Your Children How To Depend On God

At their young age teach them how to depend and believe in God. Teach them how to ask something from God. In some cases, if you can’t meet their needs just tell them to kneel and pray to God or you can as well pray together with them.

Teach Them About Financial Management And Giving

Teach them that God is the giver of wealth, and also teach them that there are spiritual principles to meet in other to be wealthy.

You must teach your children about tithing and offering. Teaching your children to pay tithe at a younger age is a foundation for them to have.

Teach them to be joyful in sharing and also help them with the stronghold of selfishness. From childhood, a child as small as eleven years will refuse to give back a packet of biscuit he or she was just given.

You tell the child, “Let me have one,” the child will say, “No,” or the child will cut a very little part for you yet you are the one that gave the child that biscuits.

Many times, you leave your children saying, “He is still a child” and many grow up like that and become a stingy adult.

It is a terrible thing to have a stingy adult. Some of us have suffered at the hands of stingy parents or uncles.

If anyone around you is stingy, turn to God. For such person, it is something from their childhood that was not broken.

They were exposed to the fact that you have to keep all you have when it is not enough.

 Don’t Give Room To Any Sign Of Laziness

If you see any tendency for laziness in your child, do not overlook it. Do not say, “Well, he is still a child.” That laziness at the end of the day could make your child unproductive.

The child would want to play all the time and not be responsible for his or her things. You must teach your children first to be responsible for their items, starting from their toys, books, bedroom, bed, and plate before coming to other things.

If you put them on the right foundation, if you track them right from now, you will have the rest in the future. You would not have to be constantly the financial deliverer of your child.

You would have no business going to bail a child that ought to have settled down in his or her marital home.

You would have responsible children. You will have children that though you are not waiting on for survival but on their own record, they will start giving you things much earlier than you even expect.

Nurture Your Children to Have a Learning Culture

Please teach your children to develop the habit of reading the Bible and Book of all kinds. Do not allow them to be mentally lazy.

Teach Them Positive Character Traits

Your children should be trustworthy. You should look out for character traits like dishonesty. You may think, what has it to do with responsibility and being wealthy?

A young child who is dishonest today will gradually get to the age of accountability tomorrow. Things like honesty and integrity have a lot to do with wealth. “A man who is faithful will abound with blessings”.

You send your children to the best schools in your country or overseas. If they lack integrity of heart, it has the power to cancel or nullify whatever degree or status they may have. These are issues of life.

Find time and energy for your children; take a critical time look at your lifestyle and your children lifestyle. Find enough strength to correct these things through the motivation of love and through reward systems. Do everything in your power to see that they turn out right.

Have this mindset when you are raising children – Am I raising an employable child? Am I raising a child who will be an asset? Am I raising an enterprising child? We are in the day of entrepreneurship; ask yourself; am I raising a child that everyone will want to work in his or her organization? Am I raising a child that can lead people?

The role of parenting is awesome and challenging; try out these parenting resources it will help you.




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