Intimacy Exercises for Couples: Effective Christian Family Relationship Tips


Intimacy Exercises for Couples: Effective Christian Family Relationship Tips

In this article, you will find Intimacy exercises for couples in different areas such as physical relationship, sexual relationship, financial relationship, emotional relationship, and spiritual relationship.

A relationship is the reasons why many homes and family are able to survive many deserve circumstances.  In this post, you will find ways to strengthen family relationship.

These types of Christian family relationship that exists between the man and woman will determine the success or failure of the marriage. A relationship can make or destroy a marriage

Many Couples find themselves in any of these Categories.

  1. Cold Relationship – Detestation
  2. Cold Relationship – Tolerance
  3. Warm Relationship – Appreciation
  4. Dynamic Relationship – Acceptance


What is Family Relationship?

The act of sharing, love, emotion, desire, empathy together.

Oneness of spirit and purpose.

Deep understanding of each other’s presence without fear, shame, and guilt.


Cultural Barriers That Hinders Family Relationship

Cultural and tradition, in some cases, have done much havoc to family harmony, unfortunately, many Christian families still hold to these cultural views.

Cultural Views that Hinders Christian Family Relationship

  1. Women are an object of pleasure.
  2. Women are just property.
  3. Women have no right to talk.
  4. The children are more important than women in the family.
  5. Women are only for procreation.


Levels of Relationship In the Family: Intimacy Exercises for couples

Despite these cultural inhibitions, there must be a warm and dynamic relationship in the home that will promote family harmony.

  1. Physical Relationship intimacy exercises for couples – Gen. 24:67; 3:6


  • Do things together
  • Play together
  • Eat together
  • Bath together
  • Sleep together
  • Go out together


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  1. Spiritual Relationship intimacy exercises for couples – Colossians. 5:25-32; Matthew. 4:4



  • Read and discuss the Bible together.
  • Pray, sing and worship God together.
  • Admire and encourage each other’s gift.
  • Humbly and respectfully correct each other.
  • Pray for one another spiritual development.
  • Encourage each other to deeper spirituality in the Lord.




  1. Emotional Relationship intimacy exercises for couples – Colossians. 3:8-23; 1 peter. 3:7-12; Hebrew. 13:3


  • Cry together over issues.
  • Laugh together over laughable issues
  • Be angry together when necessary.
  • Show concern over each other.
  • Sickness, losses, failures.
  • Success, grievance, and pains.
  • Handle your positive and negative emotions maturely.



  1. Financial Relationship intimacy exercises for couples


  • Declare your financial positions and income to each other.
  • Operate either different or common bank account together.
  • Do not hide anything from each other.
  • No sign of income should provoke excessive and unnecessary demand or expenses.
  • Realize that money is not your source of joy.
  • No partiality in spending money on your relations.
  • Avoid the divisive role of money.



  1. Sexual Relationship intimacy exercises for couples – Genesis. 4:1; Proverbs. 5:11523; Eccl. 9:9; 1 Corinthians. 7:1-5


  • There should be no sexual activity outside marriage.
  • Sexuality should be enjoyed proportionally by both.
  • As a wife don’t give pre-conditions for sex with your husband.
  • Know and apply correct techniques before, during and after intercourse for the sexual satisfaction of birth.
  • Maintain self-control.
  • As a husband don’t abuse your wife sexually.



Six things Husbands Say about Their Wives Concerning Money


  1. She is too demanding.
  2. She will send all the money to her relations.
  3. She is a financial waste-pipe.
  4. She does not appreciative.
  5. She is too lazy to work.
  6. She is too expensive.


Seven Things Wives Say about their Husband Concerning

  1. He opens his hands, takes my income and disappears.
  2. He will spend it either in drinking, smoking, pools-betting or womanizing.
  3. He does not change my wardrobe.
  4. He does not care for my relations.
  5. He does not care about the family well being.
  6. He is stingy and ungrateful.
  7. He is very automatic.


The effective family relationship is an adventure and you learn every day. Learning doesn’t end if you want a fulfilling family relationship. Increases your relationships knowledge until you read you cannot know “10 Books For a healthy a relationship every couple should read

You have to keep on trying this intimacy exercises for couples and try new ways to make your relationship lifestyle blissful and stay committed to it.

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