Lyrics: Abed N. Shalvong – Bless My Soul Lyrics


Bless My Soul Lyrics By Abed N. Shalvong

Abed N. Shalvong - Bless My Soul Lyrics


In the name of the Father,

Son and the Holy Ghost

I pray o bless me now.


Bless my soul

Holy one of God

Bless my soul

Make me whole again

Verse 1:

I remember, you wept

And died for me

My spirit Lord pant after you

You are my hiding place

Shelter when life stormy

Billows roll

I depend on you,

Faithful Jesus you are my


I pray for grace and the power

To overcome, and the wisdom

To know your plans for me.


Verse 2:

Bless the Lord o my soul

And forget not His benefits

He has done marvelous things

My mouth cannot proclaim

Merciful and gracious,

Crowned me with His loving


Maker of the heavens and


You reign forever and ever

Gave His Angels charge over me,

To watch and keep me all the way,

Who is like the living God o!



Verse 3:

From the cross lifted up

To the depth of the grave,

You went all the way just to

Show me your love,

At the mention of the name of

Jesus every knee must bow,

In the name of the Father, Son

And the Holy Ghost.

I am washed by the blood of

The risen lamb of God

My victory is sure

‘Cos He is no more in the grave

For death could not hold Him

Captive even in the grave

Jesus is Lord, even in the

Grave Jesus is Lord


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