Media Effect Theories:  How Does the Social Media Influence People and Singles


The media’s influence on youth and singles has really done enough harm than good.

In this article Media effect theories, am going share with you the positive and negative effects of media on young people.

Media Effect Theories

In this post, you will know the negative effects of social media on society.

The effects of social media on society is really eating up our youths negatively.

You will know the pros and cons of the influence of mass media in society and the influence of social media on society.


With my own personal experience, the impact of media on society is really spreading like an uncontrollable virus.

Christian singles, youths and young people have been misled by what the media is trying to sell. There are so many lies the media is selling to us.


In this article Media Effect Theories, am going to unfold the media’s biggest lies, the positive and negative effects of media on singles planning to go into a dating relationship and also the effects of media on teenage girls body image.

75 percent of the negative behavior of youths, singles, and young people are caused by media influence.


Movies and Music are one of the dangerous source young people are influenced these days; the media uses these sources to sell their false values.

Most of the movies available these days are the ones that make sexual sin seem right.


We as singles are growing up in a world where the media is always present. The media is always trying to sell something to us.

Your Question Maybe How Does the Media Influence People?

If you continue reading this article on Media effect theories, your question will be answered.

The social media is always telling us lies about lovemaking.

Many of the lies the media tell us is that we must engage in lovemaking to build intimacy in our dating relationship.

The Influence of Mass media in Society

What are the media trying to sell?

On a daily basis, you hear about sex from the mass media. It is used to sell something from cars to clothes and beauty accessories.

Sources of Media like Television, Newspaper, Blogs, Movies, magazines, and Books encourages us to practice lovemaking without the thought of counting the damages.


                6 Media Biggest Lies About Sex

1. Sex creates Intimacy and closeness: True Intimacy is built on the promise, to be honest, and loving.


2. Engaging in lovemaking early will get you to know one another and have a long lasting relationship with your dating partner. In my own point of view; love making is an art that is learned best in marriage.


3. Love making without a long-term promise is fun and gives you a sense of freedom.


4. If you do not express your urge to have sex, you must be crushing your sexual desire.


5. Sex is freedom; big boys and big girls kind of thing.


6. The media tells us the big lie that God understands that these are modern days so sex is right. The truth is that God did not go against sex before marriage because the He did not want us to enjoy ourselves. He did it because He loves us so much.

How Does These 3 Media Sources Influence Young People

  1. Television: Television has a great influence on youths and young people’s daily life. Media’s influence on youth comes most especially through TV programs. It influences the daily experiences of our families.


When you watch the wrong Television shows it has a bad influence on your actions.

As a young person or growing single person if you watch television the most you will do more poorly in your academics.

Young singles who are sexually active watch television more than those who are not sexually active.

In the evening hour, when almost everybody is at home watching, television shows about four sexual acts each hour; half of the sex on television is talk, but 10-15 percent of all television programs show or talk about the sex act.


You don’t have to believe everything you see on the television.

What the media are trying to sell to you are all lies, and when you allow it to influence your daily life, it will damage your self-belief and self-worth.

Example:  When you watch a TV program and see ladies who have kids before marriage and they seem to have wonderful lives.

In this way, television is selling that beautiful lie to you that sex outside marriage is right.

  1. Music: Music has the greatest influence on the life of young people. What you listen to is what that motivates your action.

When you listen to lyrics with negative vibes, surely it will show in your action.

The reason why young singles have sex before marriage is because of the kind of music they listen to.

The lyrics in rock music and Country music talk freely talk about sex. Music is one of the greatest media’s influences on youth.

  1. Dirty Movies: The most lies the media tells us about watching dirty movies is that it is harmless. In the real sense of it, it is the most harmful kind of sexual activity. Dirty Movies addiction is something that is difficult to get rid of.


Most young singles girls and boys find pleasure in watching dirty movies in the comfort of their home or personal closet.

Dirty movies have influenced so many Christian singles and young people into premature sex before marriage and other forms of sexual practices.

In the real sense of it, our actions are the result of our thoughts.

Dirty movies lead to masturbation or hand practice. In my recent article “How to Stop hand practice” you will find out all the facts about hand practice.

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Media Effect Theories: The Impact of Media on Society


What are the dangerous results from the impact of media on society? The media has led so many young single ladies and men into believing so many kinds of false values about intimacy, relationship, and life.

So many young single girls and boys, who want to get into a dating relationship, are getting thousands of messages that sex outside marriage is right.

So every year millions of young girls are getting pregnant or contracting STDs.

The media encourages us to have a sexual relationship with just one dating partner to prevent AIDs.

However, the way the media are leading will only result in more sex outside marriage.

The media show young girls and boys that the cure for loneliness is to jump into bed with a dating partner.

You shouldn’t allow the media influence you with the false values they are spreading daily via the internet, social media, Television, Newspaper, and magazines.


Media Effect Theories:  How to Put the Media in its Place


The must be a way out to every problem.. Ibe Tochukwu in His Book titled Media problem and solution. He explained how to put the media in its place. You can get the book for a token.

The way out is that your thoughts about sex must change for that to happen, either the media must change or the listening and your watching habits must change.

As a young single lady or guy getting ready to start a dating relationship you must learn how to choose what to watch, listen to and read.

You must learn to use the Bible in defining the way you want to live your life.

Move closer to your Godly parents and spiritual parents they are the best influence you can have.

As a young single moving closer to your parents is very important because your parents understand God’s teaching about sex and are able to teach you all you need to know about the sexual relationship.








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