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Morris Makafui – Blewu Blewu ‘Gradually’ [Ft. St. TomDavid]

Morris Makafui - Blewu Blewu 'Gradually' [Ft. St. TomDavid]

Ghanaian super-recording Gospel music minister, Morris Makafui outshines once again with a wonderful tune titled ‘Blewu Blewu’ which means ‘Gradually’.

What more could a world drowned in these discouraging waters of our day ask for?

What more could a season toss with so many boisterous storms, filling minds with, so strong the urge to quit? What more could hearts and relationships wrecked with setbacks and oppositions; and the multitude of visions and hopes sunken in tears, ask … than something uplifting, elevating, even levitating for their broken spirits?

Something that defies the urge to quit! Something both the young and the old, in pursuit of their purpose, can identify with. A balm that soothes our pains, strengthens our knees and reverbs our minds with positivity as we press on for the goal set before us. 

From the depths of his creative reserves, God’s anointed vessel, Minister Morris Makafui, has drawn out an answer; another heart-warming, Spirit-filled, and inspirational masterpiece to match an answer to the above quest. It’s a melody with a clash of  Ghanaian and western vibes ready to be released, a mega blast in entity! He got St. TomDavid, God’s very own mouthpiece, featuring on this one.

Our lives have witnessed the greatness of YAHWEH MOST HIGH. After we tasted of his amazing grace and giving honor to whom honor is due, we proclaimed EDZEBUBU. Seeing our hearts still overflowing with gratitude, we chanted AKPELOO.
It’s time to raise the bar with the attitude to begin walking on the waters, as we focus on Christ. It is time to climb the great altitudes of destiny, with our eyes fixed on our destination, one step at a time. 
BLEWU BLEWU (gradually) We’ll surely get there!

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Lyrics: Blewu Blewu (Gradually) By Morris Makafui ft. St. TomDavid

Verse 1:
I’m up and awake
Such a blessing I have
In the midst of the struggles
Pain delays and setback

Will I be standing tall?
Winning the battles
I wanna be everything you’ve called me to be
I’m looking up to you Lord.

(Mama gbl) nam be mága vor o
(Mama told me not to be afraid)

Đo nu de Mawu nu ko
Awoe nawo godo godo yeah
(Just rely on God he will surely do it for you.)

Blewushie Blewushie ye nyale (Patience is golden)

Blewu (8x) (gradually)
We’ll surely get there

Blewu (8x)
No giving up we’ll surely get there

Verse 2:
Spoken Word:
When we started, felt like we’re running on a treadmill.
When every foot put forward, brought us back to where we started.
And though I’m called to the nations
I kept wrestling depression and stagnation.

Now I stand far from where I started
But yet still, seem far from my destination
I’m caught up in strait betwixt two
Between my yesterday, O! And my tomorrow

To proceed or retreat, God, I do not know!
But this one thing, I’m certain, Yes! I do know.
This journey shall be for a record.
For a light to the world.
We’ll arrive if we don’t stop moving.

So Father! All we need is more of your grace.
As we seek your face ‘nd as we walk in your ways.
Grant us the confidence to face my days
And the competence that we may win our race.

Blewu Blewu (gradually)
We’ll surely get there

Blewu Blewu
No giving up we’ll surely get there

We’ll keep on running
No stopping
Pressing on for the price
No matter what we going through

We will still fight until the end

(Mama gbl) nam be mága vor o
(Mama told me not to be afraid)

Đo nu de Mawu nu ko
Awoe nawo godo godo yeah
(Just rely on God he will surely do it for you.)
Blewushie Blewushie ye nyale (It is Patience is Golden)

Blewu (8×) (gradually)
We’ll surely get there

Blewu (8×)
No giving up we’ll surely get there

Little by little
Kakra kakra
We’ll surely get there

Tochukwu Ibe

Tochukwu Ibe is the Chief Editor & CEO of Daily Gospel Vibes Christian Blog. He has an HND in Agricultural Extension & Management from the Oke-Ogun Polytechnic, Saki Tops (2017-2019). He is an active Aspiring Athlete and a Joke cracker. When he is not blogging, He is either listening to music or at the gym.

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