Paying Sex Workers For Companionship: See Lies Men Tell

Paying Sex Workers For Companionship: See Lies Men Tell
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This article is all about sex talk; the act sex is something that is delicate in the sense that some abuse it.

According to research, I have discovered that paying sex workers for physical and emotional gratification is common in the African society.

Paying for sex is just normal in the African society and men are the famous customers to these sex workers.

Despite the rate of dangerous diseases like STD ’s, HIV and others, men in the African society continue to pay sex workers for their sexual pleasure not minding the risks.

In a more serious note, married men and those in a serious relationship pay for sex to those who get paid for companionship!

And also few women practice this act of patronizing sex workers for sex.

I recently came across a young man at Saki Oyo state whose work is to link up sex workers with men who are willing to get paid for companionship

Most of these sex workers who are willing to get paid for companionship are students at the Oke-Ogun Polytechnic Tops.

I will advise parents to monitor the kind of lifestyle their daughters are living in the school.

Six Lies Men Tell To Justify Paying Sex Workers for Sex

  1. “I Do It For The Pleasure”

Men who are involved in paying sex workers for sex just for the excitement or pleasure are landing themselves up in a dangerous sexual addiction.

Once you are addicted to paying sex workers for sex you are getting yourself into a risky bad habit.

Unfortunately, when you decide to stop paying sex workers for sex, you might experience anxiety and some unfamiliar symptoms.


  1. “Not Ready For Real Relationship”


Most men in the African society who patronize sex workers say they are not ready for a real relationship.

They say they do not have the time to nurture a real relationship, so they pay sex workers to fulfill their sexual urge.


  1. “There Is Nothing Wrong About It”

Men who pay sex workers for sex know within them that it is wrong, that’s why many of them do it secretly (low Key) to protect their integrity and pride in the eyes of the society.


  1. “I Think I Have Feelings For Sex Workers”


Men who pay for sex eventually give into the imagination that they are in love with sex workers.

This sense of being in love with a sex worker happens when you pay for sex to a particular sex worker repeatedly who takes to you to the stage of sexual satisfaction.


  1. “Sex Workers Are Best On Bed”



They believe that an experienced sex worker can give them the fulfillment they want.


  1. “I Can’t Find True Love”


Men with very low self-esteem and self-confidence fall into this category. They pay sex workers for sex and choose whatever sex positions and options satisfy them; this way they do not have to waste time to walk up to a lady for a real relationship.

In Closing

Patronizing Sex workers is a bad lifestyle and you are at risk of contracting sexually transmitted disease. If you want to stop paying sex workers for sex exercise your willpower and seek help and advice from a psychologist, counselor, and your pastor.

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