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Race to Marriage Mountain – Christian Single’s rush-hour

Many people consider this topic a very delicate one, well, that’s because it actually is, if not the most delicate to befall man, marriage.

Race to Marriage Mountain - Christian Single’s rush-hour

I have to admit, I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of sticking to one individual for the entirety of your well-cherished life. It’s not a very easy giveaway if you ask me or anyone in general, hence its delicate nature.

Marriage is undeniably instituted by God, I mean, it has to be. It takes something of a very divine nature to come up with something so beautiful and yet too demanding as marriage.

Quite sadly, many who tread this path tend to do it without the consent of its actual owner.

For the many who have been blessed enough to find their Mr. Right or Mrs. Right as the case may be, it’s more than just a blessing, just so you all know.

There is this category of special individuals though, who are more often than normal, constantly searching and yearning to fill that void of companionship, it’s our dear Christian singles.

I would comfortably say they crave it more than most, considering the outstanding examples they see in the places of worship and in the society at large.

A normal Sunday service would regularly consist mostly of youths and singles, as they are commonly called in some denominations.

You can clearly see the desire to settle down in most singles from their devotion to seminars and programs bordering on issues of marriage and relationships. But what fuels this desire if I may ask?

Is it an urge to fill that void as earlier mentioned or is it a desire to attain a certain status?

For some, it’s a pursuit to match up to friends standards and for some, it’s the pressure from constantly nagging parents to “get hitched!” Whatever it is for whoever, it’s an ever-present bug on most of their minds.

There is also a category of “non-youths” who may have exceeded their standards of marriageable age and have begun to feel quite late to the game.

This category might or might not also involve the divorced and widowed individuals who have lost their spouses to circumstance or natural causes.

Some of these ones may want to experience bliss in marriage again, having tasted of its beauty once.

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Christian singles, in general, maybe going through an unspoken ordeal of various pressures and issues to deal with. To mention a couple, we’ve got:

  • Sexual temptations

It is absolutely impossible to ignore the biological aspects of our well-being, irrespective of whatever moral or spiritual standards we claim to uphold. It is, therefore, more often than normal, a constant struggle to stay celibate as the faith clearly recommends, hence the rush to get there and get it done over with quickly, just to save ourselves the feeling of guilt from any promiscuous action.

  • Constant disappointments

A couple few have had the close-calls to finally getting the perfect mate and have had to let go more than once due to shortcomings from either side of the court, or even last-minute decision of incompatibility. It’s like writing an exam repeatedly with near-successes but no conclusive breakthrough. It is a total morale killer and nightmare.

  • Inferiority tending to jealousy

It isn’t an uncommon feeling to see your peers excelling in something, with you always an innocent bystander constantly waiting to get a piece of the action. It just might make you feel like less of an individual than they are, and eventually make you start wanting what they have so bad, you start going about it in a not-so-pleasant fashion. This ultimately leads to harbored feelings of jealousy and envy and these aren’t easy emotions to get rid of.

  • Church opinions on dating

Many denominations have left this aspect of singlehood quite unclear to the concerned parties, thereby making it difficult for singles in the faith to take the right steps in getting anything done. Some churches outrightly go against the idea of being in relationships at all outside marriage, or to put it in conventional terms, dating.

This foggy cluster of rules makes it very tricky for singles to maneuver safely through their single lives. Maybe, more seminars addressing such delicate issues should be held in their favor.

In all of this, the best option is simply to stay your course in your search for that right person, seeing that the goal of marriage is aside anybody’s satisfaction but yours. If followed right, with healthy approaches to tackle the pre-challenges, the cake will definitely be full of flavor at the party.

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Tochukwu Ibe

Tochukwu Ibe is the Chief Editor & CEO of Daily Gospel Vibes Christian Blog. He has an HND in Agricultural Extension & Management from the Oke-Ogun Polytechnic, Saki Tops (2017-2019). He is an active Aspiring Athlete and a Joke cracker. When he is not blogging, He is either listening to music or at the gym.

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