Six Keys To Understanding Your Children

Six Key to Understanding your children

Understanding your child is one of the basic steps a parent must take in other to raise a responsible and God-fearing child. Without understanding there will be chaos in your relationship with your kids; it won’t just workout because you haven’t figured out who they are and what they can do and not do.

Six Keys To Understanding Your Children
                              Six Keys To Understanding Your Children

In this article, we will learn the six keys on how to understand our kids better. It’s a very simple one and all you have to do here is read and practice them.

  1. Seek God For Understanding

You have two to three children with different characters, believe it or not, but that is just the fact. You need to pray fervently and ask God for understanding and you have to play your role by understudying your children for their differences and talents.

It is very important to discover your children’s talents and skills from a young age, the best way to do that is to “Ask God to reveal it to you”.

Allow them to follow their passion, if your child has interest in sport don’t force him or her into Arts or Science.

  1. Respect Your Child

As a parent, you have to learn to respect your children because what you Garbage in its actually what you Garbage out.

Respect them and they will also respect you as their parent. One of the common ways you can disrespect your teenagers are:

  • When you have a guest and your teenagers are watching TV in the sitting room, and you rudely say, “Get out, Get out, and Get out all of you. To be frank with you they really feel bad when you do so. Some of them will move with angry faces, others will quickly move. But in some cases, if you are blessed, one of them will come to you and tell it to your face that what you did they don’t like it.

Do not show that you love strangers more than them. Give them their desired place and when they are of age they will return the favor.

  1. Talk Talk Talk with Your Child

You are to talk to your child as reasonable human beings. You also learn from children psychologists that when toddlers are mumbling, you are to reply normally in our own language.  By doing so, you are giving them the opportunity to store all and comprehend.

  1. You Have to Trust Your Child

Most young people feel that because they are little they cannot be trustworthy. This is why abused your young girls are being raped and young boys lured into gay practice, do not actually speak out.

I heard the story of a lady, when she was about nine or ten, her naughty uncle was abusing her, and He lured her into swearing with the Bible that she will not disclose the secret to her parents. He made her believe that if she told her parents, they would die. And because she loved her parents, she did not tell them and the abuse continued.  

  1. Be Their Friend And Confidant


It’s your responsibility to find what is happening in your children’s world especially parents of pre-teens and teenagers. Talk to them in a friendlier manner.

According to what I have learned, when your child is browsing and you come behind them, they will just switch and type “POS”.

POS means ‘Parents over the shoulder.’ Most of the time,  you think you know some things but still, you do not know so many things. You need to be in their world and be their friend. The sacrifice you have to pay to achieve this is your effort, time and interest.

  1. Make Your Children Your Primary Priority Above Work


Your primary priority is the wellbeing of your children.  You send to them to good schools but you also need to send them to the school in your home; the place where your nurture their minds about God and teach them morals.

Lastly, teach your children to dress well. When you feed your teenage children with the word of God, they will be able to know; that word in them will let them know that this is not right.

What you do not want your children to wear when they grow up, do not wear it for them when they are young.











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