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Six Tips for Successful Parenting


We all want to be successful at parenting and know how to go about it because sometimes our children stress us. I want to be very practical about this; these same children you have been asking God for and love with all your heart sometimes can stress you.

Succesful parenting

But you really have to understand that children are different and the word of God has the answer to it all.

Many parents’ desire children to honor them without stress but you need to take note that you have to teach them so that your expectations of them will be met.

Six Tips for Successful Christian Parenting

  1. Teach your Child to Honor You

To be successful in parenting, you have to teach your children to honor and obey the word of God. When you want obedience, the motive should be because you want your child to obey God which is right, not just to obey you.

When they disobey, you will be able to remind them what the word of God says, “Children honor your parents,” it is because they need to have someone that they can see who is like a God figure in their lives.

As a parent, you are the God figure; if the child can learn to obey and take your instructions, the child would not have problems obeying God even when you are not there.

When you teach your children how to make right choices in life, when you are not there, they will do the right thing.

How do you guarantee the longevity of your children? How do you guarantee their well being? By teaching them to honor you.  If you do not teach your children to obey, they would not even know.

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The process of obedience begins from telling them what to do, to when you begin to disengage and trust that they have the right wisdom to do the right thing. This is a process of weaning, and that is why it is called training.

The Bible compares us to eagles. The mother eagle trains her eaglets. At a certain time, she goes to a high mountain, tips the nest over but before the eaglet hits the ground, flies down for the eaglet to fall on her back and takes it back to the nest.

That eaglet would have thought “Wow, I am about to die; is my mother wicked?” However, somewhere along the line before that eaglet hits the back again, it would have taken wings.

  1. Tell your Children Bible Stories

You need to tell your children stories. Children love stories and the Bible says that except we are like little kids, we would not enter the kingdom of God. The joyful thing about parenting is that it helps you become a child all over again and it helps your spiritual life.

  1. See Parenting as a Lifestyle

God is the one that gives children and says you should take care of them. Make it a lifestyle. Though you can feel stressed doing it there is great joy and reward when you make it a lifestyle.

  1. Share your Parenting Responsibilities with Family Members

There are some things you must go through as a parent. There will be a time you would have to share the dropping and picking your children with your driver.

  1. Mentor your Child
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This is the time to impart your children. These are protégées that you have free of charge, whether male or female. As a Dad, you can mentor your Daughters too and just your sons.

As a mom, you have to be there to mentor the children also. When you teach them, they will turn out right. You need to remember they are children and children will always be children.

  1. Know your Child’s Temperament

Children are different; you have to study your child. When you read about temperaments, make your child a project and know your child’s temperament.

Carry out a personality test for your child, over time you will know the personality of each child. Ask them questions. Do not just assume.

There is a temperament that is not so conforming. When everybody is saying let us go this way that one will go the other way. It is a choleric temperament or the personality called the domineering director.

The child wants to know why because she has what she want to do and it is not necessarily a sin. Sometimes if you allow them, they will lead you to destiny.

The easy-going and quiet ones are the ones you will like better. You have more work on children that tend to be bit stressful because you have to channel their energy right. But watch out for them, at the end of the day, they will do you good. They will get into high places and you will be proud to be their parents.


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