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Signs of a Child Predator

How mindful are you to your children. All parents in one way or the other want to protect their children from Child predators and...

Three Tips To Help Your Kids Become Lifelong Learners

  Charity begins at home they say, but some Christian parents don't practice these principles at their homes. Your child's lifelong learning starts from home. Proverbs 1:7...

Godly Training Tips For Children In Christian Homes

Children are the pillars of tomorrow. Training of your children is in high demand in raising role models and great future leaders of the...

Six Tips For Successful Parenting

  We all want to be successful at parenting and know how to go about it because sometimes our children stress us. I want to be...

Six Keys To Understanding Your Children

Understanding your child is one of the basic steps a parent must take in other to raise a responsible and God-fearing child. Without understanding...

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