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14 Building Relationship Quotes On Marriage

Marriage is a beautiful union between a man and a woman. Marriage is God-ordained and it is a good thing that must...

Why You’re Probably Not Getting Married anytime soon

There are myriad of reasons why you are not achieving your goals at stipulated standards and timing, why you’re not getting that...

Race to Marriage Mountain – Christian Single’s rush-hour

Many people consider this topic a very delicate one, well, that’s because it actually is, if not the most delicate to befall...

The Not-so-spiritual Aspects of Christian Singlehood

The idea of being single in a Christian community can be so burdensome in its way at times.

3 Facts Why Insecure Girls Turn To Sex

Insecure girls turn to sex because of one reason or the other. In the African Society, insecure girls in need turn to...

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