The Ultimate Purpose and Guidelines to Daily Family Devotions

family matters, FAMILY DEVOTIONS, Daily Family Devotions, family devotional books
family matters, FAMILY DEVOTIONS, Daily Family Devotions, family devotional books


Worship in your home is a very important aspect of every Christian home; without family devotions, you can’t possibly live in harmony in your family. It’s important and must be taken seriously.

The Ultimate Purpose and Guidelines to Daily Family Devotions
The Ultimate Purpose and Guidelines to Daily Family Devotions


Through family devotions, we want to cultivate a genuine delight in God and his word. Anything that squelches that delight, no matter how excellent otherwise, gets in the way of our long-term goals.

It is wise not to have daily family devotional whenever:

  1. One family member’s schedule is too pressured, such as an urgent need to get a scheduled event.
  2. There is a need to encourage or enhance a temporarily rebellious spirit.
  3. They undercut or undermine any family member in any way.
  4. They become too long or tedious.
  5. They are so demanding or rigid that family members lose the joy of having them.
  6. One or more family members are angry with another reconcile first.


You can possibly add a dozen or more of your own reasons. If tonight is a counterproductive time to have daily family devotions, wait until another night when it can truly be a time of delight.

Five minutes of building delight in the Lord is much better than an hour of just going through the motions.



Imagine that God said to you, “I have one minute for you today. But it will be quality time.”

Frustrating? Of course. We expect God to listen for as long as we need to talk. We need to give God the same priority. We simply cannot build a relationship with anyone, including God, in short notes burst. An occasional minute here and there isn’t enough.  Just as you value quantity of time from God, you need to give him quantity.

But sixty minutes of non-quality daily family devotions will not create closeness with God, no matter how long the torture lasts.

Quite the opposite, in fact. Five minutes of person-to-person, heart-to-heart daily family devotionals will profit far more.

And what are quality-time family devotions? Readings “you can get your devotional books“, prayers, and talks to together with devotional booklets that are personally meaningful to your children; time in which your children know that they are the most important people in the world both to you and to God right now. Quite while your children are hungry rather than feeding them until they’re sick, even if your family devotional time last only for five minutes.

Quality time or quantity time – which is more important? Neither and both. Most families can achieve a good balance in ten to fifteen minutes each day.

The right mix of quantity and quality is what makes family devotions a delight than a chore. There are so many lists of family devotional books that spice up your family devotions.


The Ultimate Purpose and Guidelines to Daily Family Devotions
The Ultimate Purpose and Guidelines to Daily Family Devotions

As long as the earth remains, there will be springtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, day and night. Genesis 8:22

Each expression of a season is an opportunity to point to the creator who made that expression. These may be formal daily devotional times or informal times.

For formal devotional times, collect seasonal pictures. You can use them at seasonal devotion time to talk about the wonder of this seasonal masterpiece – leaves, pumpkins, snowflakes, ice, flowering trees.

I’m content in each of these times to reinforce the one central theme – the Lord God made them all. He is the Creator. He says, “I love you” with each of these beautiful expressions that he made.

You may want to add “living object lessons to your daily family devotions” pumpkin or squash, an icicle, a flower. As it graces the table where you sit, you have an object that demonstrates your discussion.

Of course, informal family devotions are a natural for seasonal themes. As you walk through the autumn woods, talk about the God who made them. As you smell flowers near the house, marvel that he could bring those beautiful things from little seeds or brown bulbs.

Season reminds us of the One who made them all. What opportunities to praise him and honor him and talk about him as you interact with seasonal glories – through pictures, objects, or walk, through the seasonal wonders.




Many of the events of life are celebrated with meals. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and church potluck dinners are times of feasting. We celebrate good events with good food.

Food and daily family devotions fit together. Having delighted in good food, it is easier to delight in the food of the word. The joy of food fosters the joy of daily family devotions. In the afterglow of “having been fed” and therefore comforted, the joy and delight of a family devotional time with the Lord is a natural relationship.

Actually, thanking God for our food before we eat is something of a mini-devotion. It is acknowledging God as the giver of the food.

As a family, you can spend many meals or parts of meals talking about the Lord and his word informally. These times – before a meal, during a meal, immediately after a meal – are great times for devotions

Think of it – feeding our souls as we feed our bodies, or soon after. It makes sense, doesn’t it?


There are times to be sober and a serious, but family devotion doesn’t have to be one of those times! In fact, a child’s delight in God and his word begins with parents delight in God and his word.

If you focus on the wonders of who God is, what he has done for you, and what he says in his word, your delight will spill over into your children. Turn on a child to those delights, and you may start him or her on a lifetime of joy in the Lord.

Avoid associating guilt, anger, or pressure with daily family devotions. Do not force your family into a structure they can’t enjoy, use guilt to motivate them or let clashes of ideas destroy that delight.

Delight in God. Delight in His word. Celebrate God. Worship him. Talk of his wonderful deeds. And delight in the process of learning about God and meeting him through your family devotional times. Delight – then model that delight and focus on it during times of daily family devotions.


Family Devotions

Why should we read and study the Bible as a family? The Bible is filled with true stories of how God has interacted with people. The positive and negative responses of these people toward God serve as examples and warning to us. Get into the habit of reading and discussing the Scriptures together as a family. Write down or record the times he helps your family or answers your prayers.




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