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The Ultimate Purpose of Daily Family Devotions



The ultimate purpose of family devotion is not for your family to know the Bible better, but for your family to know God better.

The purpose of family devotions


Daily Family devotion is an important lifestyle that must be taken seriously in your family; during this time intimacy with God is built and intimacy with each other is also built. Make it a top priority in your family.

Daily Family devotion is actually the time you and family talk with God and enjoy his presence. Being a Christian family is not in what God can do for us or give us, but in knowing him as a person.

Preparing your family for heaven starts with turning your family from sin and helping your whole family turn away from sin and seek forgiveness. This can only be achieved through consistent family devotions.

During daily family devotion, you have to get your whole family to engage in Bible study which is the best way to know God better.

Secondly, engage your family in prayer and meditation which is another way they can know the will and plan of God for their lives.

Through the word of God, we understand who God is and what he has said to us. Through prayer, we cultivate a personal relationship – an intimacy with our God and Most high.

 How Family Devotions Affects Our Family Lives

Daily Family devotion is a character building times; it is when your kids and all members of your family build up characters that are Godly and pleasing.

Our character determines our conduct. Honest deeds come from an honest person. Truthfulness is a mark of a truthful person.

Daily Family devotions should be times of character building and development.  The fruit of Bible study is much more than biblical knowledge. It is applying the life-changing truths of the word of God to the lives of our family members especially our kids.

Your job as a parent is to use your family devotional times as an opportunity for life-shaping and character development. Your child’s character will flow from what they are taught during family devotion.

Bible stories give us role models, both negative and positive. Ruth was a role model of faithfulness; David, fighting Goliath, of trust in God; Daniel, of persistence in prayer.

During daily family devotions, you can share these Bible stories with your kids and family members. It really has great influence in your children lives and lifestyle. Get your family devotional booklet and discussions starters.

From Bible verses, stories, and readings, God’s truths emerge. These truths form your children beliefs, which influence your children character. They become different kids. What they hear and do is merely an extension of what they are.

Daily Family devotions, helps us and our children get to know God. The life-changing truths of the word and prayer work together.

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