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Family means everything to me. A family thoughts on the foundation of love is an article about family bonding.

Family love is the foundation of every successful home. Without it, a family can hardly last long. Love is the foundation to gain mastery of the definition of family love.

Family love should be the motive behind your actions if you want to have any meaningful impact in your Christian home.

Family love determines your investment in your Christian home. You have been reading family thoughts, reading about the importance of family quotes, writing about it; but nothing is going change in your Christian home until you make a decision to gain mastery of the foundation of family love.

Love and family work together. Do you want love to reign in your Christian home? You got to align your family with activities that govern family love.

The truth family4love takes a gradual process to develop. Family happiness is foundational, “if the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

Am going to tell you a simple secret on family thoughts, the words you speak are your weapons for building love. Success has to be first spoken into existence.

Now the words you speak are either creating family love and happiness or causing family hatred. When you learn to tame your tongue you take control of your family destiny.

When your mouth matches your mind, which aligns with your faith, nothing can stop you from achieving family love in your Christian home.

It’s your faith, your mind and your words walking in agreement together. Love starts in the mind but it’s your mouth that initiates the change you want in your Christian home.

Family thoughts On the Foundation of Family Love

My family is my world; my family means everything to me. What do you think makes a happy family?

Love is an active word. Don’t just talk about love, practice it and act it. Love is gracious in its dealings.

In order to build a lovely family, you have to learn these tips that lead to family happiness

  1. Overlook weakness among your children and spouse.
  2. Forgive easily
  3. Learn to show affection
  4. Develop a family slogan
  5. Daily Bedtime devotion with your kids
  6. Daily family devotional
  7. Learn to practice and express companionship; it is basically needed in every Christian home that makes family happiness their top priority. Companionship is necessary for family intimacy between parents and children, husband and wife.
  8. Practice the habit of hugging children and intimately touching your spouse. It naturally builds trust.

The Habits OF Hugging and Intimately Touching your Spouse

In recent studies; Psychologist has discovered that a woman needs about 7-8 intimate touches daily. Please as a husband you shouldn’t touch your wife only when you want to have s-x.

Benefits of Hugging and Touching Your Children

It is awesome to hug your children especially the ones which are of the opposite s-x. As a Dad, if you have an affectionate relationship with your daughter she will not be easily taken by surprise when a young man approaches her to “woo her”.

Like I said earlier, thoughts about family love is foundational. So many girls in Christian home have been denied this affection that they fall for men that preach fake affection to them.

The same approach goes for mom and son. Be attentive to your children as they grow into adolescence. Recommended Bible verse you have to recommend for your male children to study “Proverbs 31”. This Bible verse talks about mother’s advice.

Never allow communication line to be closed between you and your children and also between you and your spouse.

Family love is foundational. It involves giving of oneself and the reward is successful Christian home.

Love is something you can feel; you can feel love by action.

In my next family matters article, I will be discussing WAYS TO SAY I LOVE YOU, stay updated by Joining Our Life Changing Newsletter.

Lastly, on this article “Family thoughts on the foundation of love”

Love will make the difference in your Christian home. If your Christian family life has been destroyed due to lack of familial love now you know how to embrace the foundation of love that enhances family love. Forgive yourself, forgive your children, and forgive your spouse.


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