Video & Lyrics: Idinma Lyrics – Preye Odede


Idinma Lrics and Video – Preye Odede

Idinma Lyrics - Preye Odede

Verse 1

I have seen

I have heard

That You are good

That You’re faithful

And I know

That it’s true

My heart will always worship You

Oh, I have seen

Lord, I have heard

How You transformed

Hopeless situation

And I know

You can do it again

Jehovah, what almighty God You are


Jehovah chineke

Eligwe na uwa na si na idinma

I di ebube

Orlu aka gi na egosi na chi mo I mara nma

I di ebube


Verse 2

And I lift my hands to you

Oh Lord, and I bring my heart of worship to you

You are the song that I sing

You are the joy within my soul

Jesus, I will always boast of You

And I bring my heart of worship and bow to you


Jehovah idinma ne’zie

Aha Jehovah di nma

In my life everything has changed for good

Since you came into my life,everything has changed

Jehovah you are good

Aha Jehovah di nma

Take my praise

Take my worship, I bring them back to you

Since you came into my life everything has changed

That name, Jesus /3x

Everything is in Your name

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