What does the Bible say about Sexuality?


Understanding the purpose of sex is a topic talked about all over the internet, books, and magazines.

There is a question that most young people ask their parents and trusted family members “what does the bible say about sexuality?

What does the bible say about sexuality

In this article, you will get to know the primary reason for sex and how it relates to the gospel. You will get to know what the Bible says about sexuality.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does the Bible say about sex outside of marriage?

What does the Bible say about sex in marriage?

What does the Bible say about sex?

What does the Bible say about sex before marriage?

What does the Bible say about sexless marriage?

What does the Bible say about Sexuality?


Before these questions can be answered appropriately “what does the bible say about sexuality”? You have to know the purpose of sex and what God created it for. To understand the gospel is to make sense of sex; the two are linked together.

Knowing what the Bible says about sexuality you must understand why and when to have sex.

The Bible expressively states that sex was created to serve as a life-changing spiritual and physical union to married couples.


Understand the purpose of sex is absolutely essential for understanding what the Bible says about sexuality, and not only why God created us as sexual beings but also why God commands about what he does regarding sexual purity.


Ephesians 5:24-32 describes the sexual relationship within marriage as an image of the spiritual relationship between Christ and Church.

In this passage, Paul is talking about the relational dynamics of Christian Marriage.

And as he gives guidelines to husband and wives about how they are to treat one another, he draws a line between human marriage and Christ’s relationship with the Church.

The way Christ treats the Church, Paul tell us, serve as the principles for the way in which a husband is to treat his ideal wife. And the way the Church relates to Christ is the way a wife is to relate to her husband.


But why is this? By what logic does Paul ask husbands and wives to relate to another as Christ and the Church? The answer is found in Verse 32 of Ephesians 5:24-32.


According to human marriage, what Paul tell us, “refers to Christ and the Church”. In other words, Human marriage is a type of Christ’s relationship to the church.

What does the Bible say about sexuality?

One of the purposes of sexuality is marriage. In defining the purpose of sex, marriage must come first.

The purpose of sexuality serves as a pleasure in marriage, protection in marriage, friendship in marriage, read this article for more.

4 Reasons Why Love Making is Important in Building Intimacy In A Marriage


What does the bible say about sex in marriage?


Human marriage is more than sexuality, but it’s not less than a sexual relationship.

In the ancient Biblical world, the purpose of sexuality was the primary means by which a man and a woman married to each other.

Another purpose of sexuality is to procreate offspring in the cycle of marriage.

What does the bible say about sex outside of marriage?

A sexual relationship that occurs outside the cycle of a human marriage relationship is so emotionally destructive.

The act of sex, which is meant to initiate and sustain an intimate union of marriage, is broken apart from its purpose.

The Steps to Sexual Purity

Now that we have the basic understanding of why God Created sexuality, we can understand the reasons behind his commands regarding sexual purity.

Sexuality is a divinely appointed image of the gospel, and also man himself is an image of God (Genesis 1:26-27, Romans 8:29-31, 1 Corinthians 11-7, 15-49).

God’s major intent in creating sex was that it serves as a living witness of the spiritual oneness between Christ and the Church.

Knowledge of this reality can help us understand how we should behave within the realm of the earthly reality.

In other words, our sex lives should be patterned after the way in which Christ and the Church relate spiritually.

Viewing sexuality from this framework not only answer this question “What does the Bible say about sexuality” but also why we should act a certain way.


For example, in 1 Corinthians 6:15-17 the commands that Paul gives regarding sexual activity are based on the “One spirit relationship between Christ and Church.

We must not unite ourselves sexually to a prostitute, Paul argues because we have become united spiritually to Christ.

But the prohibition in this passage is not against sex in general but against sex with a prostitute.


Our Spiritual oneness with Christ does not prevent us from having sex with our spouse; in fact, Paul commands this in 1 Corinthians 7:5.

But why is sex with our spouse legitimate and sex with a prostitute sinful? How is it that our spiritual oneness does not stand in the way of our sexual relationship?

Why discussing the purpose of sexual purity, it is tempting to answer questions such as this on a strictly human level.

We might list the fear of sexually transmitted diseases. We could discuss further the negative effects of sexual licentiousness on one’s future spouse or the possibility of unwanted pregnancy.

Sex with a prostitute is forbidden because it breaks the picture of Christ. Any man who uses his sexuality in a promiscuous way fails to act consistently with the image of Christ.

Christian singles must keep their sexuality for their future spouse. God wants us to keep our sexuality for our marriage relationship.

We must remember that every part of us, including sexuality, has a higher purpose than merely our own pleasure and self satisfaction.


The Bible is a very old book, but it is no older than the problems of sexual sins. The reason for the rules God gave in the Bible still fit the conditions of today.

God did not give those to rules about sex because of the way people lived in those days or the kind of work they did.

He gave us those rules because men are men and women are women. God made men to be drawn toward women and women toward men. That has not changed.

What we need to understand is why God gave the rules about sexuality. God loves us. Because He loves us, He wants to protect us from the bad things that happen if we use sex in the wrong way. That wrong use of sex can lead to guilt, pain and unwanted babies.

God also wanted to provide for us the very best use and enjoyment of sex. He knows that the most enjoyable sex is between one man and one woman in a faithful marriage relationship.

He never gives rules in order to keep us from having fun. God’s way is satisfying.


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