Why Christians Don’t Prosper


Why Christians Don't Prosper

Most of the reasons why Christians don’t prosper are due to our ignorance and lack of divine knowledge. God is not a respecter of any man; you must obey the law of prosperity.

To tell you the truth about prosperity, most Christians who are not prosperous are that way because they haven’t honored God.

Sincerely, God wants Christians to prosper, but we have our part to play.

And if we honor God, He will prosper us bountifully.

Some Christians think that all they have to do is to honor God by giving and God will give back to them.

But, no, He won’t, because God honors His word, all of it not just a part of it.

God wants us to be examples, but there are three things that are problem areas with most Christians, and that’s why they’re not prospering.

Sometimes its just one area that’s causing the problem, sometimes its two of three areas, and with some Christians, its all the three of them.


  1. Laziness: It is an act that’s capable of ruining your life completely. Some Christians haven’t prospered because they’re lazy.

Don’t be lazy. Do something. If you are doing something God will prosper you and bless you bountifully.

You don’t have to sit around and wait for something big to turn up, you have to do something.

I have met Christians who have told me that they were waiting for something to turn up in the way of a job. But the only thing that will turn up is more bills because they’re just sitting around not doing anything.

If you quit your job and say you are going to live by Faith and that God was going to take care of your family needs👪 and bills, I call that ignorance. Faith without work is dead.

You haven’t prospered as a Christian because you are too lazy to work.

2.Extravagance and Excesses:

The second reason why Christians don’t prosper and won’t prosper is that of extravagance.

No, it isn’t even the devil’s doing. I know it’s a whole lot easier if you can lay it off on debt, saying, “well the devil got😈 me into this debt.

If you’ve been extravagant, the devil didn’t get you into it. You ran up those bills on those credit cards yourself.

In fact, you knew when you bought those things that you were going to have to make payments. And you knew that the interest is excessive sometimes twenty percent.

But you just keep buying anyway. The devil didn’t get you into that. That’s called extravagance. And God can’t bless that.

  1. Poor Management: The number three reasons why you are not prospering is closely related to poor management.

Some Christians just don’t know how to manage money,💰 so they let their spouse manage it for them, and they prosper as a result.

If you don’t know how to manage money, you can get yourself into a serious mess!

One reason some christians are poor managers is they buy everything they see.

They put it on a credit card, and they get into trouble. Then they want to borrow money to get out of trouble.

You are not going to prosper until you straighten up! You don’t need deliverance. You just need to get some sense and some discipline.

The bible teaches us to discipline ourselves. It also teaches us to keep the flesh under control (1 cor 9:27).

When you get into trouble with credit cards and act extravagantly, that’s the flesh, that’s not the devil.

“Gods wants us to prosper”

   John Wesley the founder of the methodist church, ” Make all you can; Save all you can, and give all you can”.

Pay your tithes and offerings. Make all you can if you get a better job and make more money, that’s fine. Do it. But don’t spend it all, and save all you can.

Honor God by walking in the light of His word. We’ve dishonored God a lot by laziness, extravagance, and poor management. But God said,

“Those who honor me, I will honor.”

There are a number of ways we can honor God in the area of finances.

We can honor God by believing His word and by being a doer of His word.

That includes faithful tithing and giving.

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God desires that you prosper and succeed in life. And He has provided us biblical keys, scriptural laws, to put into practice that will positively change our circumstances.

As we are faithful to walk in the light of Gods word, we can expect Him to bless us in every area of life, including the area of finances.

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